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: Hammer 8 Ball Handling

04-23-2012, 10:54 AM
My biggest gripe with my Hammer was the lack of lean angle on my 8 Ball. I was always finding the ends of the footpegs even at slow speeds. Also the pegs on the 8 Ball are mounted back about 2" from the standard Hammer and S model which I found uncomfortable. I know there are lots of kits to move the pegs forward for our bikes but most of them are brackets that move the existing mount forward and also move the pegs out away from the bike at the same time(reducing cornering clearance).
I was doing some searching and found that Vic makes a driver support bracket kit for the Vegas Low part # 2877913-266. The application only lists that it fits 2010 Vegas. But after going to my dealer and speaking with them. I decided to purchase the kit. The kit is priced @ only $40 and includes both footpeg supports and a longer rod for the shifter which is a great deal considering the footpeg mounts alone cost $136 each.
My bike is now more comfortable and I quickly noticed a big advantage. I am no longer hitting the pegs on the ground because the pegs are now an 1 1/4 closer to the frame. I now have all the cornering clearance I could want from my Hammer(or at least as far as I'm willing to push it)thumb up
Sorry for the long post but I searched and didn't find this info and thought others might benefit

05-27-2012, 11:32 AM
Hello there. I am about to buy a 2012 Hammer 8 Ball and this issue concerns me.

I used to have an M109R, totally stock. Never changed pegs, etc. I felt very confident on that bike and routinely scraped the pegs, but it didn't bother me as the mounts and pegs were very robust. Plus, you could not really see the scrape damage unless getting on the ground and looking up.

Do you know if the Hammer leans more, less, or about the same as an M109R with stock pegs?


05-27-2012, 02:39 PM
Actually this was very helpful, I didn't realize the pegs were in diffrernt location between hammer 8-ball and hammer s.