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: Looking At New Ness Vision? TALL RIDERS ROOM??

06-19-2010, 02:18 AM
Hi guys...

Can anyone please give feedback around the vision for the taller guy I'm 6'4"??

When purchased new what's the first thing I should do with the bike?:cool:

06-19-2010, 02:40 PM
Hey Kiwi,
I am 6'7" tall and 265 lbs. I drive a 2009 Vision Tour Premim. Here is what I did to fit on this motorcycle... ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! The reach on the handlebars is very comfortable and the seat height allows for taller riders. My main concern was the footboards. I have only riden motorcycles with forward controls because of my leg length. The footboards are long enough to compensate the length of my legs. I also have a size 17 boot so I ride with my toes pointed out slightly (Very comfortable). The shifter and break levers have enough adjustment to allow for a long leg length. I moved them as far forward as I could and bought the rubber scratch guards for the fairing in front of your toes. I did however cut the rubber off of the shift lever in order to get my toe under it and over it without lifting my leg. Get the Vision! you will not be disapointed!