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: 2011 Vision it is

Pete W
05-10-2011, 01:55 AM
Thanks for all your comments and help with the choice guys.

Pulled the trigger on a silver 2011 this morning (didn't even know they made that color).....It was the only 2011 they had....They pushed hard on the 2010 (they had black(non ABS), maroon and dark blue), but RRP for the 2010 was $40k and the 2011 was $37k.....I guess it's because the 2011 is missing pannier hydraulics, chromed switch housings, fully chromed wheels, lit Victory badge, paint matched grab rails and a few other cosmetic changes, all of which were on the 2010.

They offered me a big discount on the 2010 but it still ended up only $2k cheaper than the 2011. As the cosmetic changes really didn't bother me, and the new tranny sounded like a good improvement, the 2011 was the way I went. Now all I have to worry about is whether I might have one of the dodgy trannys, but it's most unlikely, and we covered that in discussions anyway....thumb up

I've ordered the lowers to help with heat (although we're coming into winter here, so they'll provide weather protection first and foremost, and the Stage 1 kit, along with the shorter bars, and I'm getting them to move the foot controls as far forward as possible for my long legs. I'll also attach some Kuryakyn highway pegs to the shipping lugs, as per Firetruck. They've got a backrest in stock, so I might get that too, as I don't think I'll have the trunk on all the time....

Should have it end of next week.......any further input on any key accessories that you have found useful would, as usual, be much appreciated.

Thanks again.