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Originally Posted by Cool Blue View Post
I'm not a fan of skinny tires in the front or the back. I'm not saying I need a huge tire in the back, but somewhere in between.
I hadn't thought about the front. I think they can look cool but handling and longevity are lessened by them.

Originally Posted by broggyr View Post
I don't know if it's a skinny 'trend', I think he's just recalling the older board track racers that all had skinny tires...
Yes. That is exactly where this fad/trend is coming from. Before it was super fat tires which rode badly but looked cool. Now it's the skinny board track style bobbers a lot of the custom builders are doing. Oh well. Fads and styles come and go in the custom bike world just like clothing I guess.

I bet this particular bike will fly though. Practically no weight and all that hp/tq.
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