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Default The Official Political Thread

I'm hoping we can keep politics on this site to this one thread.

I'm not an Admin or have any say in anything here but rather than having multiple political threads going at any one time; maybe this one will help keep it contained to one thread. This way we can talk about anything and everything rather than keeping it to one subject.

I'm going to start by talking about how this POTUS has managed to raise the debt in the last 6 years by 70%.

I have no doubt he will manage to double it and make it a full 100% in the next 2 years he may be in office. I say may because he seems to have the mindset of doing the most amount of damage any one President can to do a country as he can. He might push too hard for even a feckless Congress to put up with.

What say you? Can the Imperial Dear Leader and Sultan be stopped?

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