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Default A Christmas Story

I just finished watching the classic movie, "A Christmas Story".

It's a great movie, and, if you've never seen it...is that even possible?...you should watch it soon, before it is banned by the Christian hating ACLU, and the out of control liberals of the tyrannical obama regime, because, after all, it IS a "Christmas Story"...and liberals just do not like anything with that word in it...and the FCC does control the "airwaves"...and we all know the fanatical liberals can...and eventually will... spin THAT into their totally imaginary, totally made up, "separation of church and state" fantasy.

But, while I have known since it happened, the director of this great movie, Bob Clark, and his 22 year old son, Ariel, were killed by a drunk driver on April 4, 2007, on Pacific Coast Highway, in California.

The drunk driver?...a 24 year old, ILLEGAL ALIEN MEXICAN named Hector Velazquez-Nava, who had a blood alcohol content of .24...three times the legal limit...and, he did NOT have a drivers license.

Bob Clark, and his son Ariel, are two of the tens of thousands of innocent Americans who have been killed by these illegal alien mexican criminals, who have a culture where drunk driving is acceptable, and is not even given a second thought...as they kill and maim thousands of innocent American citizens.

These two tragic, and totally unnecessary deaths, can be added to the thousands and thousands of innocent American citizens who have been actually MURDERED by illegal alien mexican criminals.

FBI statistics show that more innocent Americans have been murdered by illegal alien mexican criminals than the number of soldiers killed in the Iraq war, during that same ten year period..and the body count continues to climb....yet, since President Bush was in office, and the "death toll count" in Iraq was gleefully shown daily by the liberal mass media, they were, and ARE, "strangely" silent about the tremendous numbers of Americans killed by these illegal mexican criminals NOW...since their "messiah", and our new "king", obama... has been in office.

According to the "lyin' king" obama, and every other liberal democrat, including the totally racist, Fox News "contributor", Geraldo Rivera, all these illegal alien mexicans are simply "hard working", "innocent victims" of "racism" by "right wing racist" and the Republicans, and want "nothing more" than to "cut your lawn"..."clean your houses"..."care for your children", etc....oh, really?

I, for one, have no problem with LEGAL immigrants...except for muslims, because they recognize NO borders, national citizenship, allegiance* to ANY country, and, you simply cannot trust ANY of them, and even the so called "peaceful" ones hide and defend their extremely violent, and murderous "brothers".

What obama has done with his "amnesty that's not amnesty" presidential power grab is wrong, unfair, and dangerous to America.* It will create another mass wave of illegal mexicans, and totally disrespectful of ANY innocent American killed by these illegal mexican criminals, and their remaining family members.

obama hates this nation, the Constitution, and is extremely racist to anyone that he doesn't consider a "person of color"...i.e. "white people"...and has demonstrated it repeatedly while in office.

It is one reason, among many, that he is so despised by tens of millions of Americans.

He has been a disaster for America.

Pictures...1) "Ralphie)...2) "Bully Farkus"...3) Bob Clark)...4 Ariel Clark...5) Clark' vehicle...
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""By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation." - Edmund Burke
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I cant disagree with anything you just stated ... Nice read . I cant stand Geraldo either , he often sounds like a flaming idiot , same goes for Juan Williams , these people have serious brain damage . It is also a proven fact Obama hates America . Obama has stated numerous times he doesn't have the authority to do what he just did . This just makes him look like even more of and idiot , if that is even possible at this point.

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In, before the punt.
I love that show. I just can't say exactly why.

Some people go their whole life wondering if they made a difference, Marines don't have that problem.~ Ronald Reagan

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Whatever this thread is one thing it ain't is a Christmas Story.

It's a sad, miserable picture of tragedy at a lot of levels. Thanks, i guess.

Pop out.

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That was written by James McMurtry
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Yo, Bbob, if you watched the 5 on Friday this week, Bob(the lib) Beckel showed a clip of the asst. coach from Duke. Bob also talked about how he had many coaches act like asses and grab his facemask and what-not.
During this broadcast I figured out what causes the incurable disease of liberalism.
IT IS CONCUSSIONS(brain damage)!!!!
I'm surprised that MORE candy ass libs aren't pushing for their offspring to play football instead of trying to turn it into a non-contact game.

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Now you know how I've felt for the last 8 years:D
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Its an awesome movie.
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I need a lamp like the one won in a major contest. Lol.

2013 black XCT.
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I am so disappointed in how this country has changed in so many ways especially how anti-Christian it has become. Obama has done an enormous amount of damage to not only our country but to his own race. He and them will never admit it. God help us all!
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Originally Posted by Pop View Post
Whatever this thread is one thing it ain't is a Christmas Story.

It's a sad, miserable picture of tragedy at a lot of levels. Thanks, i guess.

Pop out.

"A Christmas Story" is the name of the movie...sorry if you missed that or feel, somehow, "misled".

The point I'm making is that every single time I hear some liberal advocating for amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal mexican aliens present in America, they always say the same thing..."honest, sincere, hard working, family oriented", etc, etc, etc.

The truth is that there are many, many thousands more that are NOT any of those things, and by politicians deliberately keeping the border as porous as possible, these violent criminals are coming in repeatedly, and committing murders, rapes, child molestation, armed robberies, carjackings, etc.

Not to mention the number of American cities that have liberal democrat mayors, proclaiming "their" cities as "sanctuary cities" where illegal alien mexicans can roam at will without fear of being apprehended by police...such as San Francisco, L.A., Chicago, Austin, Tx, etc, that are openly forbidding their police departments from enforcing the immigration laws and arresting these illegal aliens even when they do stop them for something such as a traffic violation...and now, thanks to the liberal democrat governor of "Mexifornia", "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown, the entire state is a "sanctuary" for these violent criminals, and is costing taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars a year.

America lets in more LEGAL immigrants than any other nation in the world each year.

Our immigration system is NOT "broken"...what's "broken" is the limp-wristed will of America's politicians...in both parties....but especially the "king-wanna-be", obama, to live up to their oaths of office, enforce ALL the laws, and protect American citizens.

My post is about a very popular movie, and what has happened to the man who made the film...and his son...because of our politicians total failure to defend America's southern border.

His death, and the deaths of thousands of other innocent Americans was avoidable, and easily preventable...and a true American tragedy.

""By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation." - Edmund Burke
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