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Default Harry Reid...and a horse's head...

While it's common knowledge that is happens, and liberal democrats have no problem with it, still, despicable...even criminal... behavior by any public official SHOULD be pointed out to all...to further inform NON liberals of something they may have missed, and to "whack the hornets nest" of total corruption that is now so alive and well in the lying, liberal democrat party...from top to bottom.

Harry Reid...lying, democrat senator from Nevada, and the lying obama's leading lapdog in forcing the democrat government shutdown of 2013...was interviewed by CNN a few days ago, and asked if he wanted to apologize for his false lie about Mitt Romney, during the presidential campaign of 2012...a slanderous lie, told from the floor of the U.S. Senate...a place that Harry Reid knew, inexplicably gives total legal immunity from criminal prosecution or civil lawsuits, even when the criminal, in this case the lying democrat, Harry Reid...is telling slanderous lies about ANYONE, to corrupt a presidential election.

In August, 2012, the lying democrat senator from the state of Nevada, walked onto the floor of the United States senate, and proceeded to tell a totally dishonest lie, about Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for the presidency...his reason?...to help the lying obama win re-election at ANY cost.

Harry Reid said that Mitt Romney had NOT paid any taxes for over ten years.

It was a total lie...the lying, democrat leadership ALL knew it was a total lie...but despicable Harry Reid didn't care...NONE of the lying, liberal democrats cared...it's called "political hardball", and Reid knew that the lying, liberal mass media would make almost no effort to check out his lies, or if they did, they MIGHT mention it, then let it go...and THAT'S part of the REAL "Clinton legacy" of the lying liberal democrat party...lie all you want because the dishonest liberal mass media certainly won't pursue it...IF you're a lying, liberal democrat.

Now, some people might want to give praise to the lying, liberal network CNN, but that idea should be given closer inspection.

CNN, just like all the other lying, liberal mass media "news" networks KNEW...as far back as January, 2012...that the dishonest, despicable democrat, Harry Reid, was lying about Mitt Romney...yet, practically all of them said nothing, and certainly did not pursue the lying Harry Reid, for even a speck of "proof" behind his deliberate lie...only Fox News...hated by all liberal democrats...immediately reported the lie, and asked the dishonest Harry Reid to substantiate his slander...zero response from the dishonest Harry Reid's office.

However, just like in the case of the Benghazi murders caused by obama and Hillary...and the resultant, deliberate lies and making of a false video, at taxpayer expense...to blame it all on, the lying, liberal mass media refused to report the truth about Harry Reid, PRIOR to the presidential election, fearing that it could cost the lying Kenyan dictator-wanna-be, obama, a second term of political tyranny...so they remained almost silent on Harry Reid's lie, and the Benghazi murders...and that included the infamous "Lyin' Brian" Williams, disgraced anchorman for the disreputable NBC "news" network.

Why wasn't more liberal mass media attention paid to the obvious lie, and the despicable Harry Reid's dishonest statements, PRIOR to the 2012 election...and Reid's reason for deliberately lying to the America public?

CNN is just now asking the despicable Harry Reid...THIRTY ONE MONTHS LATER ...if he would like to apologize to Mitt Romney for his totally dishonest lie...the lying weasel, Harry Reid,* shrugged his shoulders, and replied, "Romney didn't win, did he?"

When the lying obama spokesman, Josh Earnest, was asked, a couple of days ago, if the notoriously dishonest obama wanted to "call out" the dishonest democrat senator, Harry Reid, for his totally false lie, the morally corrupt obama spokesman, Josh Earnest, replied "I won't comment on something that's three years old"...typical liberal democrat dishonesty...delay, delay, delay...and then claim "That's old news".

Yes, Harry Reid's deliberate lie to help the Kenyan born obama, IS well known "old news"...and the fact that another dishonest, liberal democrat lap dog of the corrupt obama regime is "outed" for his dishonesty and attempts to corrupt public opinion with lies, to help direct the lying obama's re-election...even though exposed and PROVEN true...has gone, and will go, unpunished.

Liberal democrats...all of them...don't care that Harry Reid lied...or that obama lied, and continues to lie daily...or that Hillary is obstructing justice, and lying...not only about the murders she caused in Benghazi...but about her deliberate destruction of her emails to cover up her lies, and criminal actions to avoid prosecution for her responsibility in the murders of the four Americans in Benghazi...modern day liberal democrat obama supporters, being dishonest people, as this case shows once again, just simply do not care about such matters.

The Clinton's...with the aid of the lying liberal mass media...changed America's politics for the worse, with their radical Saul Alinsky inspired, George Stephanopolous, Paul Begala, James Carville directed,* "War Room" tactics of dishonesty, deliberate lies, libelous, and slandering political ads and reporting false "anonymous tips" about political opponents, and is still in use today, as demonstrated by the lying democrat Harry Reid, n the floor of the United States senate.

Their philosophy is like the deceased Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis'..."Just win, baby!"...at any cost.

America, the Middle East, the people of the Ukraine and Cuba, and in fact, the entire world, is seeing the result of such a lack of integrity in all things...foreign and domestic...by these totally dishonest people.

While anyone that pays any attention to politics well knows, all politicians lie, and steal taxpayer money.

But some are much....MUCH...worse than the others, and, aided by a dishonest, liberal mass media, the lying, anti American obama regime, and it's lackeys, is the absolute worst in my life time...bar none...just look at the job killing, extremely expensive nightmare known as obama-care...a totally illegal "law" from inception to passage, to implementation...with dozens of illegal, obama directed changes AFTER passage...also illegal...to a lying liberal democrat*"cost estimate" of "less than a trillion dollars", to get it passed, to well OVER TWO TRILLION DOLLARS at last estimate...and we all know that will NOT be the final cost of this totally dishonest,*liberal democrat "train wreck"...yet the taxpayer subsidized "takers" still call it "affordable healthcare"..it's "affordable".only if THEY don't pay for it.

The despicable Harry Reid, is just one in the line of the entire democrat "leadership", from the lying Kenyan, obama...caught multiple times in lie after lie...to Nancy Pelosi, to the lying socialist hag, Hillary...with a long, and continuous, line of documented lies in her history, and a Clinton "dead body count" second to no other American politicians in history, including the lying, dictator-wanna-be, obama, since we won't count the HUNDREDS of innocent Mexican citizens ...and one American Border Patrol agent...murdered due to obama's delusional "Fast and Furious" gun control scheme run amuck...to Eric Holder...in fact ALL of the top, lying liberals in the dishonest, "win at all costs", democrat party.

Did obama EVER condemn, or even refer to the despicable Harry Reid's deliberate lie about Mitt Romney?...did Joe Biden?...Hillary?...Nancy Pelosi?...the "heir apparent" to the lying Harry Reid's "leadership" position in the U.S. senate, Chuck Schumer?...no...not one...zero,

The lying criminal, Harry Reid, showed up last month with some bad bruises on his face, a reportedly cracked eye socket, and some damage to his eyesight. He claimed that he had an "accident" with some "work out equipment"...but he survived...unfortunately.

Harry Reid, and his dishonest sons, have a well known history of* corruption in the state of Nevada...and, I would wager a bet that the despicable "Dingy Harry" Reid, was involved in some kind of dishonest dealings gone wrong, with the "mob"...or even one of the Mexican drug cartels...back home in Nevada...and, one might easily imagine, much like the bloody "horse head in the bed" scene from the movie "The Godfather"...some unhappy "business associate" probably paid the lying, liberal, democrat weasel a "little visit" to get his bribe money back from Reid...and left him a little "reminder"...via the facial bruising...that Reid can lie, cheat, and steal from the American taxpayer with obama's blessing, and with impunity from the dishonest, obama boy, Eric Holder controlled "Justice Department",* but there IS a price to pay when reneging on crooked deals made behind closed doors with SOME people, and that ANYONE can be "disappeared" into a hole out in the Nevada dessert...even a lying, totally despicable obama lap dog like him.

Did "Dingy" Harry Reid get what he most assuredly deserved?...to paraphrase Clint Eastwood's movie character "DIRTY Harry"..."No...'cause he looks too damn good!"

Harry Reid has now announced he will NOT be seeking re-election to the senate seat that he would almost certainly retain...good. His departure is good news for America...though his replacement, the lying, totally dishonest, liberal democrat gun control fanatic, Charles Schumer, will be just as bad.

The mysterious, and totally unexpected, announcement to NOT seek re-election by the dishonest, democrat senator Harry Reid, can, most probably, be traced back to that same, unhappy, shadowy figure back in Nevada, and the explanation...

"I made him an offer he couldn't refuse...capice?"

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""By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation." - Edmund Burke
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Sorry I don't come here to read about politics. They all lie and think whats best for us is taking our money.

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Great read lowflight , I HATE Harry Reid with a fucking passion . This whole story is sickening , as is the entire Democratic party . Why the idiots in Nevada voted for this Slime again is beyond comprehension .

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Mags, we don't have a candidate problem, we have an electorate problem. Why do you think the gov't has dumbed down education if not to produce uninformed and gullible voters? The unions have taken hold of teachers, so that it is guaranteed leftist dogma is taught exclusively. Talk to most any school kid and you will hear them parroting the crap that the left believes. I now call it the Department of Indoctrination. That's what happens when we think the government can run anything well.

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Originally Posted by visionjohnny View Post
Sorry I don't come here to read about politics. They all lie and think whats best for us is taking our money.
Ah...I see. Yet you felt compelled to reply?...embers, perhaps, of the once bright, inner flame of moral courage, lighting your path toward choosing right over wrong.

Well, I will assume you are an honorable man, and accept...though dubiously...your clear implication that you did not read my post.

No need to apologize...other than to help unburden a guilty conscience..."once, or twice?"

The choice to remain willfully ignorant of the political events, and personal actions of the people that rule YOUR life, and decide YOUR future, is still available to each American citizen...and, in the tyrant obama's opinion, each illegal mexican alien.

Unfortunately for America...aided by the anti American obama, his liberal democrat lapdogs, including the lying Harry Reid, and a corrupt liberal mass media...those that make THAT choice are becoming the majority, yet still vote...and is how dishonest people like obama...Hillary...Harry Reid, etc, get into, and stay, in office.

The tired old cliche...when used in defense of morally inexcusable behavior...that "they all lie", is weak, irresponsible, and shows the clear signs of a withering moral character in any citizen that refuses to demand more trustworthy and honorable behavior from those that govern us, to recognize that your choice TO vote comes with the moral imperative to become informed, and to realize the fact that defending a free society from those that would destroy it requires constant vigilance, moral courage, and an impartial free press...or it simply becomes "dust in the wind", given over to mob rule using personal attacks and death threats to further their tyrannical minority agenda...as demonstrated recently against a small pizza shop owner in Indiana.

Their is no safe haven for cowards.

To paraphrase Edmund Burke....

"Nothing is so fatal to our freedom as indifference."
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""By gnawing through a dike, even a rat may drown a nation." - Edmund Burke
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