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Default Now I dun did it! 1st post!

I just bought a 2012 Ness Vision. The one I wanted and searched long and hard for.

A little back ground. I have had 3 Wings in the past ('82, '94, and an '03). Ended up selling the last one within a year of getting it (late '93) due to expecting our 1st and only child. I loved the Wings and never expected to get another bike as I don't enjoy riding much on my own. If my wife can't enjoy it with me I tend not to do it.

Last year I began considering a bike for my 43 mile one way commute to work. Entirely highway and living in Colorado riding can be most of the year.

I knew for that another wing was over kill so I dropped the idea to my retired father who had a '03 VTX 1800c. He too was always a Wing rider so when he said he liked it more than his Wings, it got me curious.

More looking and searching was proving interesting. To make a long story short, I bought the X off him for a very fair price. Like new, with a few mods, and less than 9k miles on the 8 year old ride.

Since I have had it about a year now, and really love the bike, my wife started showing interest in learning to ride herself. Another long story short, she now rides herself on her own '12 Shadow Spirit 750. Her bike is Orange like my X. I set up my X for towing a matching Bushtec. My daughter rides with me, and my wife rides her own. The bikes have become our family togetherness avenue.

This summer was filed with about 6k miles of traveling as a family on the bikes. I put more miles on the X in less than a year than my dad did with it for 8 years.

The X is more than capable riding two up and hauling the trailer filled to capacity. Quite well actually. I fell in love with the big twin. The power, the sound etc. The only gripe I could find is that for an adult on the back, it's less than comfy for them like it is for me on the front.

My 62 year old Mom enjoying a family trip with my family.

I test drove a new wing and found I was more comfy on the X and nothing beats the 1800 giddy-up and go. That Wing ship has sailed.

I miss the creature comforts of the Wing though. Yes, we have intercoms and all that's available using Sena's BlueTooth headsets. BUT, my X at 75 is cranking out 3500 rpm's and get a little over 30 MPG with a 3 gal tank when traveling loaded. Having to fill it every day I ride it to work gets old (~90 miles round trip).

I like to ride in cooler weather too. 40 degrees is not out of my comfort zone. The X does a pretty good job protecting me but I believe it can be much better.

Somehow I came across a Victory while reading on my favorite VTX sites. It got my attention. Never noticed them.

So over the last couple of weeks I have been looking, reading, researching and asking about the Victorys. The XC was my first burst of my energy. It was like my VTX but with bags and with the electronics I missed. I was smitten.

Then I saw a Vision. "Interesting" I told myself. Like the Wing but in the big twin category I'm in love with now.

After adding up all my desired features and stuff, I realized that I quickly got out of my financial comfort zone. If I was going to spend close to 30k on a bike, I should see what else is out there.

No matter what I looked at, I kept comparing it to the VTX and the VV.

I don't want to get rid of the VTX. They aren't made any more, are rare, and just about bullet proof if maintained. But I still miss my creature comforts. Hmmmmm

Once I decided to narrow down my search, I focused on the Ness VV. I likes the uniqueness of the bike that's for sure and it came with most of the things I would have added to the non Ness VV.

Crap, the 2013 is RED. I don't want RED. My trailer is orange, my wife's bike is orange, I LIKE ORANGE BIKES! Shoot me.

Wait, the '12 Ness VV is orange. I wonder if I can find one. Yea right. Hearing that nice incentives were out there before to encourage their sales for the '13's meant not a chance. I was right.

I called many states asking. Nope. None around. A web search brought me to a dealership in the UK! Yes, the UK. Web was wrong. Nothing available.

Then I thought about Canada. They are sold there. Maybe I'll get lucky considering their season is short. I called BC...nothing in the entire providence. Then I called AB. Nothing in that providence either.

Let's face it, they are all gone! Just about when I was going to hang up the phone with the AB guy, he said, "wait, my system shows there's one in OHIO!". I said a few bad words then called the dealership he pointed me too.

He said, "yep, looking right at it". Holy crap batman!!

The one and only thing that concerned and still concerns me a bit is the fact it's a demo. I've seen how vehicles are demo'd. Gentle doesn't belong in describing how bikes are demo's.

It was a very fair price. Incentives were also available to include the military credit. I couldn't get passed the demo thing though.

Voicing this concern he said it wasn't that kind of demo. They don't demo the Ness's like I was thinking. How in the world can a 2012 have 5900 miles being a demo. He explained that he wasn't sure but he knew of Dyno miles by the company (for various reasons) or even Execs using it. He assured me it's as good as new. No marks, scratches, ware, etc.

Will see next week when I pick it up and ride it home for the 1300 mile trip (2 days).

In addition to the bike as it comes, I talked them into adding the following:

- Reverse Kit
- Driver Backrest
- Saddlebag liners and bags
- Trunk liner and bag
- Street Trunk Kit
- XM Radio
- iPod connect kit
- Bluetooth Dongle setup
- Passenger backrest setep (when trunk is off)
- Stage 1 setup but with D&D pipes
- and finally a Shoei Neotec helmet

I know some are gonna wonder price.....OK, I'll tell. $26k out the door.

I'm heading there shortly to pick it up. Then I have 1400 miles to ride it home over a little over 2 days. Should prove to be fun trip. Hoping for good weather as the forecast shows mid 50's - 60's along the route with little chance of precip.

I have a Dongle setup question that I'm looking for actual experience with. Since I have so far to ride in a short time, I won't have much extra time to fiddle and experiement so I'll be looking for facts. A quick setup then go type of thing.

I'll post that question HERE.

I know it's not a new thing to you but here are a few pics of it as it sits right now (before upgrades and addons)

I'm new to this forum but not to forums in general. Once I get involved I really get involved. These forums are absolutely the best source for just about anything topic specific.

I really hope the orange matches the trailer. I had the bushtec paint matched at build time. We shall see.


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A beautiful bike. It's gonna have everything you want/need. Good luck. Nice # too.

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Man I hope so! I just hope I enjoy it as much as I do my VTX. Thanks!
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Congrats on the sweet new ride, love that paint! When you're ready to add a trunk rack be sure to look ours over, we have a few cool styles that'd look awesome on it. You can see them here:
Being new heare, know that I give all members 10% off on all orders, so get with me for the discount code if interested.

Enjoy and ride safe!
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Default You will love it

You are going to love the Vision. I came off a 2010 GW to the Vision. I just rolled 25K miles in less than a year for the 1st time on the Vision. It is so addictive.

My wife got me interested in the Victory line when she was shopping for her new bike(2012 CR). By the way she started 4 years ago on a 750 Aero just like your wife. After moving up to a Kawasaki 900 and us going touring she decided she wanted a bigger bike hence the CR.

See what you have to look forward to? LOL

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Congrats Mike! Which Ohio dealer are you buying this beauty from?

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That Vision appears to have the shorter blade style windshield. Given that you frequently take passengers, I would definitely ask for the standard shield, or even the tall shield for it. Remember, it's electric, so it will move up and down with the push of a button. I'm guessing that blade, though, won't go high enough for you.

2011 Silver/black Vision, Ness Big Honkers, Ness Twin Sucker, PC-V w/AT, Lloydz VM1-DR cams, Lloydz Adj Intake, Lloydz Variable Timing Wheel.

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Originally Posted by lstayner View Post
....See what you have to look forward to? LOL
I know. Since I'm keeping my X my secret desire is she adopts it when she wants to move on. She's still new and the sheer weight of it scares her. She really likes her Shadow.

Originally Posted by wrightek View Post
Congrats Mike! Which Ohio dealer are you buying this beauty from?
Airs Inc in North Canton.

Originally Posted by Gunslinger View Post
That Vision appears to have the shorter blade style windshield. Given that you frequently take passengers, I would definitely ask for the standard shield, or even the tall shield for it. Remember, it's electric, so it will move up and down with the push of a button. I'm guessing that blade, though, won't go high enough for you.
I checked out a normal Vision to get an idea of it. The standard shield, when it's all the way down is perfect. I look just over it.

I'm not sure how much shorter the Ness is, I know it is though, but I'm hoping with a 4" rise it will be ok somewhere in the raised area. If not, I will get a different one. I dont want to have it swapped out by the dealership as I want to keep the Ness one.

Thanks all for the kind words. I'm loosing sleep over the excitement. It's been a long time since something has grabbed my attention like this bike.

One thing I'm having added are the protectors in front of the driver boards. My 13 size feet will no doubt mar up the pretty orange paint. Are they worth it and and are my concerns warranted?

2012 #20 NESS Vision DARKSIDE BABY!
Stage 1 w/D&D pipes + lots of Victory add ons. PC-V w/AT, Lloyd's intake, filter, ATS, & Variable Clutch.
2013 Bushtec Entourage in matching Ness color and graphics - See the PAINTED TO MATCH process
Wife rides a 2016 Gunner


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Enjoy your cross country ride back to Colorado! Gorgeous bike! A little more spendy than my $10K Kingpin. Hope to put a Vision in my stable soon. Maybe an '08 for 12K. They had the same bike at my dealer and I tried to get my boss to replace his HD. Seems he likes orange too!

2008 Vision Tour Premium - Midnight Cherry
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You worked hard to find that nice Vision, I like the paint and flames. I rented a Vision while I was in Tuscon a few years ago and liked it, I was amazed how well it handled. Good luck with it.

2005 V-92 TC
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Arlen Ness fuel tuner
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