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Originally Posted by mjw930 View Post
It's likely they discussed this with the test rider and considering his weight (275 lbs) agreed that the upgraded shocks were better suited to his physique. The Cycle World tester took the time to sample both so I assume it was as simple as asking someone to trade rides for a while.

Stop looking for conspiracies where there aren't any.......
The add-ons that were mentioned in the review (tach, rear shocks and stage 1 exhaust) would cost a buyer at least $2000 extra putting the Octane at $12,500. None of it addresses the crap front suspension, weak breaks or lack of hp to weight. BTW: it was all done out in the open, I noticed all three of the add-ons before they were even mentioned, nothing was hidden so sorry but this doesn't qualify in my book as a conspiracy.
All I can say about the Octane is.....give me a base BMW R1200R any day over that thing.

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