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Having both side by side, yea they share some similarity's, But riding both back to back, the Octane felt more power full off the bottom end, the scout seemed to have to wind up then go, could just be how the throttle is dialed in as well, the scout I was on seemed to have more lag in the throttle, not the case with the this octane, twist it and it responded, no lag.

I could flat foot both bikes no problem, but at being at six foot, I kinda liked the octane seating a bit more, but the seat itself on the scout does not have that little hump in the back, its flat and your butt sinks right into it, had to wiggle around on the octane to find a good spot, bars felt better on the octane, didnt get the chicken wing out on the octane, but a buddy of mine has a 15 scout and he has done a set of bars and it helped out a ton, instead of reaching for the bars they are closer in, I think on the octane the bars are back and have less swept on them.

Parts fiche, I only got into a couple pages to see if anything swapped over, most of it was just nuts,bolts,spacers, stuff like that, I'll dig into it some more and see what happens.

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