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Default Rode an octane, want one


I had an 02 V Star 1100, which was stolen a few years ago. I lived in the desert on 2 miles of dirt road, that I took the bike on daily. I had so much fun in the dirt that I rode through the desert (With street tires, they didn't make d/s tires for that bike) with it. In deep, soft sand, in rocky trails, in washes, everywhere.

I even jumped it quite a few times, getting a foot to six feet of air, it was amazing.

Since she was stolen I have been yearning to ride again.

I was at the local motorcycle dealership and saw a liquid cooled v twin, American motorcycle, so I test rode it.

Well, I pretty much need one now. It was amazing. I thought the front brake might not be enough, I was wrong in spades, it was incredible, it was more than enough brake.

I plan on buying one with the upgraded rear shocks.

Two things need to be done to this bike,

1. It needs a lift. I hit many rocks with my fat, low V star. I was in the middle of raising the suspension on it when it was stolen. It looks like I could possibly get shocks from another bike on the front to lift it that way, I think. I do not care about valving, I usually adjust to the bike, not the other way around.

Rear shocks looks simple, maybe I will forgo the upgraded rear shock and find something that will bolt on that will give me an inch or two of lift. I may add a skid plate to the bottom to protect the motor.

2. Tires. The 130/70-18 front tire has several dual sport options available, that are slightly different in size.

The 160/70-17 is a different story, any ideas on a d/s tire for the back? I am not concerned with maintaining the stock width, really, just as long as it fits on the rim.

I want to put out some videos and show what a cruiser can do offroad, I really wish I would have gotten more videos of me on the V star, but really I rode alone and nobody to film me.
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