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Originally Posted by PaiN View Post
I'm at a compete loss here...............

tundra, you do know there is an entire class of bikes call "adventure touring" There is one or more made by just about every manufacture that will run circles around some mickey-moused Octane off-road and most of these AT bikes will suck the Octane's headlight out on the road, all while being comfortable enough for a trip to Alaska...

These bikes... are they made in America, and are they under 11 grand? No...? Well golly.

Jumping a V-Star.....fucking really???

I jumped it once so high the ass end kicked out and I landed so hard I almost went flying over the handlebars. After that I learned pretty effing fast to control the ass end, and land on both tires at the same time. it actually lands like a pillow when you do that.

So yeah.

Fucking really

I once rode past some dirt bikers in a deep sand wash. They didn't say a word... just stared. Yeah, I did it. People cheered when I took the thing offroad from the highway, going around lame ass traffic. I even got some air to entertain 'em.

I cased it a few times, the underside was coated with epoxy I had to cut out every 6 months cos it'd start leaking again.

Because of my offroad skills on the Japanese pig, I was able to avoid a bus that suddenly cut across the entire road to make a U turn directly in front of me. I scraped the shit out of my left floorboard, which is a fairly regular occurrence, I went off into the embankment, through the sand (Thank God the bus driver saw me at the last moment and stopped his big ass U turn, I brought up the incident with the transpo authority and he admitted he did it, they reschooled him, I was happy, I didn't want him to get fired, just learn a lesson) around the bus one handed (My other hand was gesturing with a single digit...) and recovered back onto the road.

I learned that V star like it was a part of my body, and it saved me that one day.

I recommend learning your machine in the dirt no matter what you got. My bike was super stable going down dirt roads. The Star wasn't exactly flickable but I managed, the Octane is way more flickable, I can't wait to get it out in the dirt and show people what it can do. That is if I can get it financed.
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