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Polaris brakes seem to be one pet peeve or another. There are a couple of routine things that can be tried but no guarantees. The pads on my Vic pop out fast and easy so this is pretty quick. Not sure on your bike but here is the fast and easy stuff.

1. Make sure they are clean. Dust will do that.

2. Properly lubed calipers. Pins yes, back of the pads optional. (some say yes others no)

3. Hard shiney pads will squeal. Take a rasp or file to the face of the pads. The intent is only to scuff them a bit not remove any material. If you have to you can use a really course wet/dry emery sandpaper but don't use a new piece and don't press hard.

4. Chamfer all the edges of the pad material. Not much, about 1/16" will do. Cutting the leading edge will help reduce any high frequency vibrations.

5. If you have them, make sure the floating disk rivets are clean and moving. The disk needs to lie flat between the pressing pads.

If you are still having a problem try a softer pad. I had to go to Kevlar to help reduce some of the braking noise.

If all that fails you can take the shine off of the disk. It's called de-glazing. That's not a material removal task like turning the rotors on a car but you can scuff up the disks with an aggressive 3M Scotch Pad and cleaner. On dirt bikes some people do that as a routing maintenance item due to how hard they use their brakes.

Take a look on the internet too. There's lots of ideas and instruction videos on how to do most of this.

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