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I'm sad to say you're correct BD.

Many are comparing this divide to the divide in the 60's but I don't see it that way. This is very different. I don't see a reconciliation in our future. Just more and more division until something explodes or implodes. Then we end up with something entirely different.

The left has made it perfectly clear they will not go back to having pride in one America. It's their way or the highway as far as they're concerned. Fifty plus years of communist teachers in our K-college schools has made this happen along with the commie Hollyweird and commie MSM and their minions on cable TV.

I think the country, not the two leftist coasts, will use that very same thought against the left at some point. America; love it or leave it. There's no room for the America haters in America. There are 194 or so other countries they can go to in order to live like they want to under communist rule or a dictator if they choose it. Making America into Venezuela, Cuba, or any other communist nation is not an option.
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