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Now I have proof positive that Dimocrats are certifiably insane. Here in Oregon, the re-elected the worst governor we ever had - even the leftist newspapers endorsed her opponent. The jerks also voted against having a 3/5 majority in the legislature to pass tax bills, so the pass with a simple majority now. But that's a moot point, because both the house and the senate have Dem super majorities and they have over $3 billion in business tax bills lined up. This, after passing $3 billion in business taxes last session. They voted to continue being a sanctuary state and raise property taxes to pay for "affordable" housing. As if that's not bad enough, they voted to tax groceries and give anyone free abortions for the asking, no matter your status or who you are. Bloomberg has pumped million$ into the Oregon legislature to come up with "gun control" laws.
There are going to be very dark days ahead for Oregonians who can think.

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