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That's just plain crazy Ric plus I'm sure you have insurance so that's probably another grand or so. I have family in San Jose with homes. One is a 3bd 2ba 2 car garage valued at $950k with a $5k tax bill plus $1k for insurance. They are older than you and not in the best of health but because of other family they wouldn't move. That same place here would run $150-$180k.

It works out to $500 a month in tax and ins. Thankfully it's paid for. In some places "owning" a home can be considered a bad joke. Even when owned it's like renting it from the county and state.

That same place here would run $150-$180k with property taxes around $600 and insurance around $4-500.

There's a reason why so many retirees live in AZ besides the weather.

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