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You both are completely missing the reality of how the country you live in functions.

Our country was founded on the idea that the masses were too stupid to govern themselves and needed to be lead along by an elite group who were not too stupid to govern, for their own good and on that premise it has functioned for 200+ years.

All large nations practice internet censorship. Were no different. In our nation we use private industry to accomplish what our elite needs done to guide the nation.

It's not a Democrat or Republican thing, it's just the way it is and has been here since the beginning. To blame it on one party is misdirection. Your accusing innocent people of conspiring to treason. That is not the case here. Google is simply doing what it is being paid to do and in the course selling it as progress to us dumber masses. That's not a Democratic plot nor a Republican one. It's a company fulfilling a contract. It will work fine because Google is associated with honesty and all that is good.

Be grateful that it works here so peacefully , the job would be done either way. Other countries have chosen other methods which are not nearly as humane.

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