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Originally Posted by BBob View Post
There may be some truth to what you said Joe. I can't confirm it but I have heard the CIA helped Google get started with millions of dollars and have directed some of Googles functions. Obviously Google is in business to make money and it is ridiculously wealthy. It's also true most Google employees donate to the dem party so it is a dem thing with Google too. Any employee who is even the slightest bit right wing keeps their mouths shut about it unless they want to get fired for some made up reason. So yeah; it is about the leftists and their treasonous activities.

CIA is deep state. Only the naive would trust them. They have their own agenda and it may align with America's sometimes but that isn't its goal. Deep state aligns with deep pockets all over the world, ie, the oligarchs.

Want to find out who's pulling the strings? Simply follow the money - if you can. When you get close and start naming names, like Soros, you will get push back from every corner. That's when you know you're over the target.
Does it really matter who pulls the strings?
One look at the french revolution and you will appreciate that someone is in charge with a brain.

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