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Originally Posted by RICZ View Post
Tesla's plans may backfire - car sales are falling off big time in China. No mention in the article that one of the reasons for Musk's plan is circumvent China's 40% tariff on cars imported from the US.
One city where I bet e-cars really take off is Beijing. The pollution there from all the cars and factories makes the air terrible. Like smoking two packs of cigs a day.

I wouldn't be surprised if they make e-cars mandatory in Beijing city limits within 10 years.

Yes, pollution will still be made to make the cars, but it won't be in the Beijing city limits. I'm sure they will see to it.

I admire the Chinese and their ability to think long-term. Don't care for their politics although I can sometimes understand why they do certain things our government could not get away with. Long term cohesion is critical to the Chinese way of life. They have freedom but not our version of freedom. Their country is far older and they are still one country. I wonder when ours will divide or implode at the rate of hate building here.
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