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Geez Scabby! Please tell me you're not this naive. Do you think any President makes the final call on travel? He was told the risk and the disruption would be too great for him, the roads, and the local people so he stood down but did send emissaries in his place so he wouldn't be disrespectful or dishonor those who fought and died in that battle. He wasn't like obummer who didn't go at all.

Leftism truly is a mental derangement. Notice he made sure to speak and make the ceremony the next day at the other cemetery. Notice he didn't have a US Marine standing next to him holding an umbrella for him just because it was drizzling.

Sometimes I wonder if leftists have any grey matter at all or they operate solely on emotion and talking points.

As you said; "Facts are a funny thing, they refuse to go away".
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