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Originally Posted by broggyr View Post
Is anyone who dislikes the current President automatically a snowflake? Is that how it works now?

I wasnít a huge fan of Obama, but Iím not a huge fan of Trump either. I like some of his ideas, but he just doesnít present himself as presidential. In my opinion, his ďFUĒ attitude has no place leading a nation. He can do what he needs to do without sounding like a schoolyard bully all the time.

Yea, some folks like his approach, but I would much prefer he classed up a little. Or a lot.
This is the classic mistake so common among those who don't "get" Trump. I'll try to explain but frankly if you don't get him now; chances are you never will.

Trump isn't following in the mold of past Presidents. He is plowing new ground doing it his way. He is a true Pioneer. Does he occasionally say some cringe worthy things? Yup. That's just his style. He is a New Yorker after all. Everyone knows New Yorkers are infamous for being crass, abrupt, and saying what they think. Frankly I'll take someone like that over someone who beats around the bush without actually saying what he means like obama did. That guy was like fingernails on the chalkboard whenever he spoke and God forbid he spoke without his needed teleprompter. Then it was, uh,.............., but,but,but..........................okie doke. He didn't have a brain cell in his head that could form a thought but he could read out loud really well.

Speaking of the obummer's and lack of class. Normally past President's stay out of the limelight and have the class to let the new President do their thing. Not the obummer's though. Nope; constant sniping on Trump and heading up a shadow government to take him down to boot. No class.

Hey Broggy! I'm surprised to see you posting in the politics section? I thought you hated this stuff. You've said as much several times.

I see the dems in House already have 85 bullshit items to attack Trump with when they become the majority in January. More classless acts by the classless party. The communist demonRAT party.

The mere thought of working to make America better, let alone great, is the most alien thought a demonRAT could have. It doesn't even enter their itsy bitsy minds.

The dems are already the most hated party in America. Soon they will be the most evil party in the history of these United States.

I honestly don't see how real Americans can coexist with them for much longer. Something will break and explode. It can't continue like this indefinitely. The dems no longer even have the most basic fundamental American values. It's not just a difference of opinion. That was left behind when obama was elected. The dems have an entirely different view of what America should be and it's the opposite of what real Americans want.

Rugged individualism is what America is. The dems want pink knitted hats, 100 different genders, (there are only two and that will not change) and to be ruled by a one world dictator. That's simply not who we are or ever will be. That can never happen. Millions of lives have been sacrificed to prevent that very thing in the past. If they hadn't; Europe would be saying Heil Hitler to each other to this day.
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