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Originally Posted by half_crazy View Post
From my study of the topic, the way evolution through natural selection works there can be no definable 'first couple' of humans. If there were, that would cause a genetic bottleneck.

For example, the Cheetah population was once down to like 18 individuals. This genetic bottleneck resulted in the Cheetah being genetically screwed up and the animals were all so closely related that you could transplant organs from one to another and not have to be concerned about rejection... their DNA is so similar. Nature's 'fix' is that the female Cheetah will mate with several males and the cubs in the litter will have different fathers... this gives back genetic diversity to the Cheetah population.

Even IF there were a 'first couple' it does not coincide with the biblical account since they would have lived a lot longer ago than 10,000 years and they still came to be by descending from lower life forms.

"The idea of humans being reduced to a population of two, who then had to repopulate the planet, has understandably drawn people's attention. But this idea is almost certainly wrong, for a host of reasons.

First, we should always be hesitant about drawing big conclusions from mitochondrial DNA, and especially from a single gene - even if that gene has been examined in hundreds of species. Mitochondrial DNA is only inherited from one's mother, so it necessarily only tells us about the female line. More importantly, because there is so little of it, it often misleads us. When the mitochondrial genome of Neanderthals was sequenced, it showed no sign that humans and Neanderthals had interbred. The interbreeding was only revealed when the Neanderthal nuclear genome was read.

Second, there is no trace in the geological record of any such global event in the last 200,000 years. Any event that slashed populations that significantly would surely have led to a noticeable spike in the extinction rate, and there isn't one. There are of course the extinctions linked to humans, but those occurred at separate times and locations, not simultaneously across the planet."
Then by your "studies" there couldn't be two Cheetahs, two whales, two Giraffes, two of anything to start a species because of the genetic bottleneck.

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