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Originally Posted by NAB View Post
I really can't believe you just said that. I'm sure the world will correct it's population problem all by it's self. With dieses, wars, natural disasters and judgement day will come way before overpopulation gets to that point. There are thousand of miles of open areas in the world still that can support millions of people around the world. Thousands if not millions of acers of farm land that has been but in government programs that farmer are being paid not to produce crops on. Because we were producing so much in the USA it was going to waste and driving prices down so much that farming was not profitable. We don't need to kill the helpless to avoid over population. It will take care of it's self naturally.
Yes the planet will correct itself, but by that time it will be to late for most of the species in the world now, including us. So you think it's ok that we continue to overpopulate which brings war, famine, overuse of the worlds resources and the final colllapse. It will come before any judgement day. Do you really want to live in a world like that. Look at the problems we are having now. You make two statements about farmland that has been idled, then you said we were over producing which drives down prices so farmers could not survive. You cant have it both ways unless you give it a way. Oh but wait, it costs money to ship the excess (and to grow it) to parts of the world that need it, further using up the resources. When the oil is used up how will we get the excess crops to those parts of the world then. You need a viable market for the excess. Its not as simple as you make it seem in your statement.

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