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Originally Posted by Motorbikerx View Post
Yeah mate, I post anywhere not just in the Aussie section.
Aussies need to be as thick skinned as me to put up with or ignore the political and religious bullshit as well as the redneck bigoted crap some of you blokes go on with.
Hasn't been much of interest going on in here lately, farkles and stereos and LED headlights are as exciting as watching grass grow
and Foolaris dumping us hasnt helped the forum.
I think quite a few jumped ship and went to Indian too, or back to HD or Jappas
It's not Australia's politics, but I'm sure ya'll have a lot of the same issues over there. That mite be something interesting for me to research. You know we hear quite a lot about Western Europe's politics but Little about Australia or New Zealand. I do watch some of your television series at times. I couldn't tell you their names, my wife probably could. She gets them off of nexflix or amazon. The ones we watch are outback ranching series and that kind of thing.

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