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Default Socialism

I never really understood what socialism was until 1979. That is the year I reenlisted in the Army and got orders for Berlin, Germany. At that time Berlin was 110 miles inside Russia controlled East Germany. Berlin was divided into four parts between the 4 powers of War World 2. America, Great Britain, France and Russia. There was a massive wall build around the American, Britain and French sectors. The wall was not built to keep us out, but to keep the East German's out of West Berlin and was built by the East Germans. Now for me to go into East Berlin I had to have Flag Orders and be in dress uniform, class A's and you entered East Berlin through check point Charlie. Entering East Berlin was like going into another world, it was nothing like West Berlin and East Germany nothing like West Germany. There was very little traffic, few people could afford a car and you had like a 3 year waiting list to get one. The city was drab, not bright colors, no flower or flower boxes on the windows and balconies like West Germany. East Germans did not look at you, smile, or talk. We had a guy in a blue suit and a guy in a green suit follow us every where we went. If I went into a bakery and bought a loaf of bread I would cut a loaf from some family in East Berlin. The bakeries were only given enough ingredients to bake enough bread for their sector in East Berlin. There was no fresh fruit, little of anything in grocery stores or markets.

To drive through East Germany you had only one corridor, as the called it, to West Germany. You had to go through 2 American check points and 2 Russian check points. The farm houses were gray drab houses in need of repair. No flowers or yards. The did have a irrigation sprinkler system and a big Case tractor in one place. But they never moved. They were there for propaganda, show for the free powers and guys you don't need irrigation in that area.

There is more that I could say about my experiences in Berlin, but I think you get the idea.

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