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Default Dash Cams?

How many of you run Dash Cams?
If you run one where are you mounting it and what kind are you using?

I have a standard car style Dash Cam I picked up on Amazon The brand is YI and I think I paid around $50 for it.

I started using one a few years ago a couple days after a mini van decided to cross double, double, yellow lines to get into the car pool lane directly in front of me. My shoulder removed his rear view mirror but I was not hurt. That night when I got home I bought my dash cam.

Since I live in Southern California I don't have to worry about riding in the rain so much so this YI dash cam works out well for me and is much, much cheaper than buying a Go-Pro. I have it mounted on my windshield. I figure if someone tries to take me out at least there will be video evidence of what happened.
This morning I almost T-Boned a car that decide to whip a U-Turn directly in front of me. If I would have been in my car he definitely would have been T-Boned.

So again the question: do you use any cameras and how are you mounting them?

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