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Default Staying cooled AND heated!

One thing we all have in common is that we ride. If you travel off the beaten path or rack up the mileage on pavement you know as well as I do that planning for all possible conditions is on top of the preparation plans.

Last summer, my family and I rode our bikes from our home in Colorado up to Glacier National Park with the return trip over July 4th weekend. As a family we have been fortunate enough to have never had to endure freezing or hot (like 100 degree plus) temperatures. This has always been a good thing because my wife prefers to ride in comfy conditions. I don’t prefer extreme hot temperatures but it won’t stop me from riding.

On our return trip through Wyoming we encountered those 100+ temperatures. The interstate speed limits have moved up to 85 MPH in that area but even moving that fast doesn’t help an ounce with keeping cool. We attempted the old “soak down our shirt” routine for the first time (let’s see..wet t-shirt on my wife, WHILE ON A BIKE! Doesn’t get much better than that)… Man, that felt good for all of about 15 minutes. Then the shirts dried up and back we went to cooking ourselves.

This got me thinking of gear that would help cool me off. Is that possible? Does anyone make something that works? Not much out there. I won’t go into what I found other than to say the options were limited and marginal at best. That was until I came across the CTC-100 made by Core Temperature Controls.

This little gizmo was still in the design phase but in a nut shell it is a Liquid Controlled Garment (LCG) setup that is thermostatically controlled. Holy cow! Really? Really!!

I like to ride long distances. I have all the gizmos on the bike that make’s my life easy while on the road. What I was lacking was how do I stay cool for my many trips planned over the summer. This led me to John Sims, the inventor of this little gem called the CTC-100.

This unit was put through it’s paces and written about in the Iron Butt Magazine in 2013 and 2014. I was planning on a 5000 mile trip with the Southern California Motorcycle Association (SCMA) and it’s Three Flags Classic ride (3FC) last year. Over Labor Day weekend a ride from the US/Mexico border and then up into Canada. It doesn’t take too much imagination to realize that a ride covering a distance like that could and would put its riders into all the different climates, elevations, and temperatures the western states could throw at them. Startng in Tucson, AZ in late August? Yuck!!

That got me in touch with John. We chatted back and forth a few months until I met him in person at the Iron Butt InterNational Meet that was held down the street from me in Denver, 2014. My 3FC ride would have been a great opportunity to put the CTC-100 through another test in real world conditions. Seeing this puppy at the meet in person was quite a treat and it did nothing but fuel my desire for this product. Unfortunately, during the Meet, John got a call and ended up needing the unit I was going to test for another demonstration elsewhere in the country during the time I would need it. What a bummer!

Now, jump from the summer of 2014 to now. The riding season had ended and John kept working his magic on getting the CTC-100 ready for customers throughout the winter. We kept in touch because I truly believed in this unit and because of that I was going to get one as soon as it was available. I was on a mission.

Lo and behold, as I was going through my bike this spring to prep for the long riding season ahead, I was told the CTC-100 was ready. Christmas was coming early and Santa had a new helper. Woohoo!!

So, let me explain what this thing is. For lack of better terms, it’s a heat pump. Small, compact, weather proof, sealed, and functional. It’s mounted somewhere on the bike, to the bike’s power grid, and circulates liquid through whatever garment you decide to use.

Two quick disconnect plugs (that close off when disconnected) connect your garment to the CTC-100. Somewhere on your bike you attach the control box which lets you digitally set the desired liquid temperature. Get this….60 to 130 degrees. You read that right sports fans. You get a constant cooled or heated garment that is truly a “set it and forget it” setup. Think about that for a second or two or three.

He sent me a unit to mount on my Victory Vision. Without going into a lot of details here, my challenge was where to mount the digital control box onto my bike. I don’t have normal handlebars, don’t have traditional clutch and brake reservoir mounts, and have just about every free spot on the bike taken up by a GPS, heated grip controls, radar detector, SPOT tracker, drink holder and a cell phone mount.

John has just about every mounting option available using Tech Mounts parts. If you have a Harley, BMW, KTM, Honda etc, he’s got something to your liking. Me on the other hand, I had to get creative. Another story perhaps but in short I needed to use a RAM ball mount.

The CTC-100 and the control module are hard wired together. This means it’s either entirely on the bike or its not. A simple 12v pos and neg wire and a switched 12v wire is all it takes to wire into the bike. The 12v switched wire can be active or not by a few button presses on the controller. Like if you have your own switched options like a Fuze Block. You mount the CTC-100 somewhere on the bike and mount the controller. That’s it.

It is filled by you with a water and glycol mix that you get from Core Temperature Controls. I am not sure of the bottle size but I’ll take a guess and say 16oz. I chose an LCG vest and use about 2’ of tubing between the CTC-100 and my vest. This requires about a bottle of fluid.

The LCG gear available from Steve is produced by CoolShirt. Like I said I chose a vest. The vest a mesh material with 50’ of surgical tubing sewn into it. Extremely light yet strong and functional.

I have up until this point rode with a mesh jacket to enable air to get through to allow cooling. This in a jacket used with the CTC-100 is a bit counterproductive. Why cool a vest if the air is going to blow over it and heat it back up, or visa versa.

With the CTC-100 I ride with a textile jacket now. With keeping it zipped up and vents closed, the CTC-100 is able to get to the temperature I desire and stay there without loss of outside are diminishing it’s effectiveness.

Less than a week after mounting and trying the CTC-100 out on local rides, I hit the road. I had a trip from my home in Colorado to Key West FL, to Boston, MA, to DC, then home via the Chicago area (I am actually on this trip, in the DC area as I type this). So far I have used the CTC-100 for over 5300 miles in all types of temperatures, precipitation, and humidity.

From the moment I left home until my last mile to date I have worn the CTC-100. I left home with 50 degree temps and experienced up to 93 degrees in south Florida and everything in between. I will say this: Without a single hesitation or doubt, this thing works and works extremely well.

My first impression was filled with WOW as I had it set at 100 degrees during the cooler temps when I left Denver. As the day warmed up that 100 degrees was a little warm so I lowered the desired temperature to 80. After a few moments I felt the vest go from warm to cool, starting at the bottom of my vest and working up the chest and back. Like slowly stepping into a pool on a hot day. What a sensation.

As the day heated up I kept dropping the desired temperature of the LCG. No matter how much I played with the settings the CTC-100 just happily followed by adhering to my commands.


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16 hours a day I used this thing for a week straight. It just worked and worked and worked. I will tell you this; when it’s over 90 degrees with 90-100% humidity, nothing is going to keep you cool when you are out on the road except air conditioning in a car. What the CTC-100 did was give me a large part of my body the sensation of freezer packs surrounding my body. My arms, legs, and head were still warm but my core was quite happy and cooled.

If you can keep your core cool then trust me, you can go through way more extremes that you could without being cooled off. It was hot at times but I wasn’t hot to go along with it. Overall I was a happy biker.

I rode through Tropical Storm Anna during this trip earlier this month (May 2015). Four hours of straight torrential downpours on I-95. Rain gear installed over my riding jacket and vest. Nothing stopped the CTC-100 from performing perfectly. All my gear was soaked, kind of cool outside but selecting a desirable temperature on the CTC-100 just made it all quite fun. No better way to describe it. It’s cool outside, raining, I’m covered with soaked water proof gear yet my vest was keeping me comfortable (most of the time the rain gear would keep me too warmed up).

When describing this gadget on the back of my bike to those that ask me, I got full a spectrum of responses. Wow, who makes it, to neat, to flat out laughter, “A/C on a motorcycle, that’s funny stuff”. It’s not A/C but I know what they meant. The few that genuinely thought it was too much I hope to see one day on the road where they are hotter than Hell yet I can wave with dry pits. Sorry, I digressed.

I have ZERO doubt the CTC-100 is going to take off. If you think of it there’s way more applications for this than just motorcycling. How about the military? How about firefighters? Whoa!

It’s functional, no doubt. It’s different, no doubt. It’s the neatest thing since cruise control was installed on motorcycles, ABSOLUTELY!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions reference my usage and install. I don’t work for CTC so if you have any technical specific questions, call John. He’s more than happy to chat with you.

My thoughts and write up is in no way persuaded by anyone. It’s the truth and to be honest, I’d buy one for twice the money. Go to Core Temperature Controls to find out more (to include LISTED price). I can't say for sure but it may be worth your while to mention that Mike sent you and you saw it here in this forum. Can't hurt to ask!

2012 #20 NESS Vision DARKSIDE BABY!
Stage 1 w/D&D pipes + lots of Victory add ons. PC-V w/AT, Lloyd's intake, filter, ATS, & Variable Clutch.
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Originally Posted by orbiker View Post
I just use a cooling vest. About $35.00

It keeps you cool ?? It is soooo (&%$ hot here ....

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That works. Now, in the winter use a candle for heat and when not using your $35 vest, use the following to help keep you cool.

Wait wait. I got it. Use both together. Your bottle fan with the candle.. The fan to help circulate the warm air and when done you can turn off the heat with a squirt.

I don't mean to make fun of you (well, maybe a little) but you're talking a completely different level. Seriously. Doesn't compare in function, durability, ease of use, and even price. You get what you pay for.

2012 #20 NESS Vision DARKSIDE BABY!
Stage 1 w/D&D pipes + lots of Victory add ons. PC-V w/AT, Lloyd's intake, filter, ATS, & Variable Clutch.
2013 Bushtec Entourage in matching Ness color and graphics - See the PAINTED TO MATCH process
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The only place I would even consider mounting that ugly box on my bike would be beneath the luggage rack!

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Almost $800????

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Very nice writeup. Thank you. I, also, use a cooling vest and it has proven quite effective. However, that CTC is the cats meow. MSRP at $785. Again, thanks for the writeup on what seems to be an excellent product. Regards, Jim

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Riding in 98 degree heat and high humidity is no fun. I've made myself ride in it and the whole time thinking... what am I doing?

I then opt for an area I can ride in covered by large trees for the shade.

Even riding with a tank top and shorts makes no difference... if anything, the hot air dries out the skin and causes you to require more hydration than you would normally need.

This looks like the perfect device for riders that are determined to ride in such an environment.

The price is, in my case, a big deterrent but for you guys that can afford it, and you can find a way to attach it to your bike, I'd jump all over it!
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these towels work

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