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Default Why I Decided To Buy A 2017 Cross Country

With all of the threads out there about the demise of the Victory brand and the YUUGE mistake Polaris made by killing it off, I wanted to share my thoughts on why I went with a Victory and not a ---- (fill in the blanks). Frankly, who, in their right mind, would purchase anything (much less a motorcycle) that expensive, that is being discontinued?

First; I started riding motorcycles about 4 years ago, at the young age of 57. My first, and only, bike has been a Honda Shadow 750. I really love that bike as it was easy to learn on, and easy to handle. It is a great commuter bike ( I put just under 40K miles on it in those 4 years), and it handled a few over-nighters as well. The best part is that I found two identical ones on Craigslist, where both my wife and I took up riding, for the first time ever.

Fast forward 3 years, where, at the age of 60, I began feeling the urge for a newer, bigger, and more powerful bike. It had to be a cruiser, and had to be affordable, So, I started keeping an eye on Craigslist, CycleTrader, and local bike shops, trying to decide on what I wanted to move up to. While I really liked the Shadow and would have liked to stay with the Honda brand, the newer, bigger, faster cruiser models that I wanted (Goldwing, F6b), were just too darn expensive for my pocket. Nor did I have any interest in their Stateline, Interstate, or Fury models. I just didn't like the looks, and the reviews were just horrible.

Not once did I ever consider a Harley, even though there were tons of used ones on the market. Not sure why that is, but it seems that there are 4 Harleys to every one of all other brands for sale. So that definitely was a factor in my not wanting to buy a Harley. Plus, used (or slightly used) ones are almost as expensive as a brand new one.

Nor did I really consider a Victory either. For one, there were hardly any listings for them. No XC, CR, Magnum, and no Octane (which is what my son bought). And second, I always thought that the Victory cruisers would be waayy to much bike for me to handle. Plus, at the time, they were as expensive ($20k+) as a Harley, with no deals in sight.

So, I spend the next year perusing the listings, hoping to find something newer, bigger, and more powerful. And affordable. In the meantime, I continued riding my Shadow. Daily. Commuting, general riding. Racking up the miles, and gaining more experience.

Then, about 4 months ago, my son sends me a link to a Victory dealer that had a 2016 Cross Country 8-Ball, for about $12k + TTL. That got my attention, and now I start getting really serious about buying a new bike.

A Victory no less.

So, I start visiting a few Victory dealers. Researching. Looking. Talking. Asking questions. Questions like;

Why so cheap? Answer: Polaris is focusing on the Indian brand, and Victory is being discontinued.

What about warranty? Parts? Service? Answer: 2 years. Will continue making parts for 10 years. Any Indian dealer will service Victory.

Then I stumble across a dealer that's about 100 miles away. They have a 2017 Cross Country (not 8-Ball) for around $15K + TTL. I started talking with the dealer on a Tuesday, and at my wife's insistence, purchased the bike, and picked it up the following Saturday. God, I love that woman!

They gave me a great deal, were fair, and super nice people. Even though they are 100 miles away, I commit to having them do any and all service on the bike.

So, at the age of 61, I am the proud owner of a 2017 Victory Cross Country. I have fulfilled my desire for a newer, bigger, and more powerful bike.

Now, why did I decide to buy a 2017 Cross Country and not something else? Here's why:

  • It will probably be the last bike I ever own, as I expect to keep riding for at least another 10 years
  • Not worried about resale value
  • Victory parts and service will be available for those 10 years
  • The price was right
  • It's a real head turner
  • It's a dream to ride
  • It's a Victory. Not a Harley (no offense)

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic as well.

Ya'll take care.
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Default Congrats

Enjoy the new ride. Great bikes, not perfect, but these are pretty close as a whole. Save yourself some headaches. Check your battery tomorrow. Take out the stock battery cable screws and put the star style lock washers on, if the dealer did not already do it. The battery cables like to come loose without the lock washers on there. If you do not have them on there you will go to start the bike and it will not start. Very common problem. Not trying to scare you, just warning you, ha,ha. I bought my Cross Roads new in 2011 and I figured then it might be my last new bike, I am now 59. It maybe my last new one, but who knows they always come out with new ones that catch my eye. Wish you many happy riding miles! Enjoy the ride!

Buckeye, Arizona(USA) 2011 Victory Cross Roads, Black police bag guards, black engine guards, black handle bars, Triumph Tiger mirrors, Triumph hand grips, set speedo/tach back 5" , adjustable timing wheel, Lloyzz Fuel Programmer III & air filter. Modified exhaust, made stock into 2 into 1. MRA windshield, Rotated front fender forward,relocated ignition switch, Bad Ace Fuel Tank Risers, Fat front tire.
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yeah enjoy, welcome.

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Congrats on the new bike and I would have no problem either buying a 2017 XC. I hate to break it to you but your selling dealer did lie to you about one thing, Indian dealers WILL NOT work on your bike during your warranty! My local Indian dealer dropped all things Victory and will be happy to work on it out of warranty but while it is under warranty you will have to search out a dealer who decided to continue on as an official Victory repair shop. I have only one in a 5 hour radius of me.

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Just as well they dont normally break then hey.
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wow good for you....enjoy the new ride...post some pics 8)

Ride Safe,


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Elmvale ON Canada

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We are close to the same age and I also got bit by the riding bug about 4 years ago and I started on a Kawasaki 900. The 900 was a great bike for city riding, if this bike would of had a 6 speed tranny and been more comfortable for the wife to ride on I would have kept it. When I decided to go bigger I was really eyeballing the Indian, then my son-in-law takes an executive position with Polaris and I'm really starting to salivate. He is the one that turned me onto the idea of a Victory and I'm glad he did, I love this bike and I figured I hope I'm lucky enough to still be riding by the time the 10 year parts support ends. If I am, I'll deal with that problem then. But I purchased my 2013 CCT for less than $10,000 so I'm not complaining.

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Congratulations to you and welcome to the forum. You'll find a lot of great people here that are eager to help you with anything you may need regarding these bikes. Your CC should easily outlast you and the next few owners. Barring an accident of course. They really are over engineered and under stressed at their core.

I would however, go through the 2017 Accessories book and figure out what you may want. The parts will be fairly easy to get going forward but most accessories are already becoming difficult to find.The sooner you start looking and getting them the better.

The two main Victory internet forums and the Victory Motorcycles Owners Group on Facebook are likely your best bet for finding information, parts and accessories. Yes, I know, I hate just about everything related to Facebook but it is what it is. I use Facebook as an information resource only so I've never accepted, or even looked at Friend requests. I signed off the other main Victory internet forum several months ago as I much prefer this one.

One of the reasons I love your post is because I see your same scenario being played out by other riders for many decades to come. The Victory is a great motorcycle for all the reasons you listed and more.

All the best,



The Bible: Read, Apply, Repeat

"That's a beautiful Victory!"
"Thank you."
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Who turns Victory into defeat? Polaris Industries, that's who.

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Happy for you there are plenty of VIc riders down your way to ride with.
You never said what color so your going to have to post a photo.
Have many happy miles

2008 Vision
Mpls, MN.

Please add your state and model of bike you have. Click user CP @ top of page and then far left click edit signature. Thanks
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I was 73 when my brand new 2010 was unwrapped. I bought it for much the same reasons as you stated. I'm now 80-11/12 and the XR has more than 7-1/2 years and 38K miles with NO PROBLEMS and I don't pussyfoot with it. I do all my own maintenance, mods, etc.. If you know which end of the screwdriver is the handle, you can do that too. Vics are so easy to work on and you have a lot of help here in this forum. There are a ton of YouTube videos that will show you the way as well.
BTW, it takes about 3K to fully break in and here are some tips....
+ Open the throttle 1/8 turn when starting.
+ Preloading the shifter makes for smoother and quieter shifts.
+ Tires: 40F / 42R.
+ Never air up the rear shock with compressor air, use only a dedicated hand pump.
+ Check oil with bike vertical.
+ Oil capacity is 4.5 quarts with a filter change.
+ Install a RICZ hand made lay down license bracket to not only beautify your bike but increase top speed and gas mileage.
That's enough for now and I'm certain others will chime in with more and don't hesitate to ask. Oh, and welcome to the club.

2010 Midnight Cherry XR. 7Jurock, Lloydz AF, ATS, AFR tuned VFCIII, IAV, and T-6 and locally repacked pipes = big smiles. SOLD to a dear friend, so it's still in the family."
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