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Default Choice is Coming - Indian Motorcycle TV Spot

Personally this commercial would not motivate me to buy an Indian in the least. It show a "biker" who bought a Harley 10 years ago. He obviously hasn't ridden it for several years. Now he is going to clean up his bike and sell it presumably so he can buy and Indian... and let it sit in the garage as well. So I'm suppose to be influenced to buy a bike because someone else, who doesn't even ride, bought one???

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I agree, terrible commercial. I have never really seen a good vic/indian commercial/ad and their poor attempts at putting down HD are pitiful. Polaris needs to rethink their advertising or fire the person who is over it. Advertise your bike and your bike alone, don't compare it to the competition every time. Your also not going to get a die hard HD rider to switch over with an ad like that or pretty much any kind of ad. As you said, the guy in the commercial is not a serious rider and will plop down a huge chunk of change to let the new bike sit in the garage. Now that I think about it, that is the case with alot of HD owners but they won't leave the "club" to buy a different brand.

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I took away something a little different from this ad.

It says to me this guy lost the joy to ride the bike he had, in this case a Harley, but now that Indian is coming there is something new to get excited about.

Where they went wrong is using a nice springer softail to illustrate the point. They should have used one of the more bland looking models to do this.

I agree though; they need to stop comparing it to HD. They are giving Harley free advertising every time they do that even though the HD demographic is the market share they are looking to get. They should find another way to reach those folks.
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The Harley connection is the exact point. Victory has a 15 year history and in a recent interview they called their own sales numbers "modest". 15 years in and your best day is modest. Sheesh.

If I owned Polaris I would be determined to take it right to the gut of my competition. The Indian ad campaign goes there. Harley is the competition. Victory is competing IN the motorcycle marketplace. Historically Indian is competing AGAINST Harley.

Wishing it were otherwise is just that, wishing. Victory wants Honda riders, Beemwa riders, Burgman riders, any riders they can get. Indian wants one behind on the machine, the behind that was on Milwaukees finest yesterday.Pop absolutely applauds the clenched teeth attitude that Polaris opted for. It takes the teeth out of the point that Harley has that this is just another upstart gnawing at the fringes.

The Harley / Indian wars have been going on for a hundred years and Harley has a huge advantage, some of it rightfully earned. Harley will have to confront this marketing and that will be when the real fireworks begin. Just for point of reference I still own a couple of hawgs and consider one a tech marvel, a sprung evo, and the other a shitbox that I will keep forever out of love for an old friend, a shovel FLS.

I don't see a thing wrong with pointing out the obvious to Harley riders. Die hards are not going to buy an Indian but, just like Victory or any other brand, there are very few die hards. Most Harley riders went there because of needs and wants met by the brand. If Indian can get their attention then Indian stands a chance of selling more motorcycles to just them than Victory does to everybody. I love this poke in the eye stuff. Yes Virginia, there are that many Harley riders.

It rekindles history. It makes a statement and it gets the fires burning on both sides f the fence. Right now somewhere some Harley riders are all up in how the new Indian ad is bullshit and that Harley will be around after this version of the brand is thrown onto the scrapheap of dead Indians with all its predecessors. That there is priceless word of mouth. They could be right too, but in the meantime they are going to have to get down in the dirt and scrap for their share of sales with that feisty upstart.

Very cool. Very oldskool.

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Originally Posted by TNXR View Post
I agree, terrible commercial.
How would you market Indian?

I always thought marketing Vics against Harleys was dumb. They are technically superior bikes and can stand with anything in the market. Why limit your audience to disgruntled Harley owners?

But Indian is a different animal. Maybe it too will be a really functional bike, we'll see. But seems to me that both Harley and Indian are playing to an audience who wants a bike that looks like an antique. Harley people aren't put off by shoddy 2" travel suspensions, silly tire sizes, or monkey bar controls, to the contrary, they embrace that stuff. If Polaris wants to resurrect an antique, the Harley demographic is their market. Not sure of a good way to pull those riders over without making them question what they are currently riding.
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I guess I just don't look at the new reincarnation of the Indian brand as a real Indian because it is not. Indian has been gone for a long time and I have read over the history books of why they didn't succeed which is their own fault. To me the Indian made by Polaris is probably going to be a cool looking bike and maybe a bike I would consider buying but I still would not consider it a real Indian and I think that is how most HD riders are going to look at it. Hopefully I am wrong and Polaris will sell the crap out of them, only time will tell.

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I'ma ramble a bit now, please forgive my stream-of-conscious wanderings as I wax prosaic.

They're not TRYING to sell YOU an Indian. Or really any of us here. We've all made our choice, and being on the Polaris wagon gives us knowledge about production quality and attention to detail and what-have-you that other folks outside the circle may not already know. Hell, that spot didn't make me think I needed to sell the XR and get an Indian either. But then, super-retro don't ring THIS cat's bell anyway, so I'm out of the target audience.

To be completely frank, the first thing I thought when I watched the commercial was, "dude lets his skoot get that dusty, he's really got no reason to drop $20k-plus on another one he won't ride." But that's just me getting a hair holier-than-thou, since I happen to think 7300 miles a year despite my rather complex personal life and an Idaho winter is a pretty damn good turn. And normal advertising doesn't work on me. I see adds that say "xxx million people can't be wrong!" and I think...yes...yes they can.

Ol' Polaris wants to try to kick the MoCo right in their junk. Now, they're still swinging at air a bit, but as soon as they find the stepstool needed to reach the weak spot and fell the giant, I think the game is on in earnest. They've got their sights set on a real target in earnest, and I don't doubt they're gonna make something of it.

Even I'm not sure I actually got around to making a point in all that. But then, I've barely started my second cup of coffee. So maybe I'll come back and read it when I'm fully awake.

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I was thinking about this. I guess if you are trying to sell a bike that you have not finished yet, you have to show them something, so I guess they decided to show another bike. I don't love the commercial. As a rider, we all know it is more about the ride than the bike. If I don't enjoy riding what I got, I would not let it just sit, I would have traded it in already.
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The thing that bothered me more than anything was the crappy way he was cleaning his bike, especially the windshield.

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As a satisfied Victory owner, I could care less about Harley or Indian or for that matter honda,yamaha hydrosyng or what ever the hell the name of that bike is. As long as it doesn't affect vics parent company to a point the Victory support and parts availability gets worse (is that even possible) I'll just keep smiling as a ride by the others, being glad I made the correct decision to purchase the Vic

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