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Default Why did you buy a victory?

I just gotta know why you bought your polaris motorcycle. They have Low dealership support across any state. The touring line looks to space age way to inspired by the ness family and they have horrible resale value. I dont care what you drive but what steered you to the bike you got.
Yes I have a harley, so its not about mine is better than yours... with me it isn't, with you victory people it is, but I dont want to get into that. Just trying to figure out why you decided on it, and features steered you too it over the competition?
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Default Six months worth of research landed me on my Victory

Handling. Stock engine power. Reliability. These were the three main factors for me. Price was lower than a similar model HD, but that was not a deciding factor for me - would've paid a little more if I had to get my Victory.

Never heard of Victory to have "horrible resale value" and when it comes to styling, as per my humble opinion, Victory gets a few extra points over its HD counterparts.

Ride safe and enjoy your HD - surely it has some things that are better than Victory, like you mentioned, the much more established dealer network. Also the more established network of aftermarket parts wins over the Victory.

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I have a 2007 HD Ultra Classic, was looking at a 2011 HD Ultra Limited, then I test rode a Cross Country.

I started configuring the Cross Country to add the features I wanted. I found I could get the Cross Country at a considerable savings.

Then I started investigating mechanical differences. The modern engineering in the Victory drive train was like comparing a new car motor to an old flat head.

As for the space age styling, well, International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Satellite TV, Satellite radio, hmmm, this is the space age. I like the styling, its new and modern.

My Harley is for sale, $3000 under Blue book value, nobody's calling.

I've had the Victory now for 7 weeks and have over 8000 miles on it. Its been a great ride so far.

Go test ride one, Victory dealers have bikes you can ride without having to buy them first.

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What steered me?


-power (and as soon as they have the turbo available for 2011, I just may get one)

-styling (The smooth lines of where the tank and seat meet. Is there a HD that doesn't have a fuel tank that looks like it was put on last minute cause they forgot?)

-the dealers themselves. (there maybe few, but when I walked into a HD dealer, they wouldn't give me the time of day let alone help me decide. At the Vic dealer, I was welcomed as soon as I walked in, got shown every style of bike Victory has and their features.)

-I don't buy a bike for simple resale, I buy it cause I want to ride it.

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I love telling how I came to Victory ownership. I was planning on buying a Harley and doing major modifications to it.

The night before I was going to go purchase a Harley, I saw a motorcycle commercial featuring a sweet looking wide tire bike riding through a warehouse. The commercial said it was a Victory. I never heard of Victory. I know that the bike in the commercial aside from the color (Sunset Red with Flames) was pretty damn close to my idea of the modifications I was going to do to the HD.

I went to the Victory website and read about this company and their bikes and then did a dealer locate.

My first time walking into a Victory dealership I saw the 8ball and man did I want that all black bike. The only problem is that I wanted the fat tire bike I saw in the commercial. I also knew I would do a lot of highway riding and wanted the 6 speed.

I lurked and used the search feature on Victory blog sites to find out a lot about these bikes.

I figured it would be easier and probably less expensive to buy the Black Jackpot and either powder coat the parts black or trade for black parts instead of converting the 8ball to a wide tire. Plus the conversion would void part of the warranty I planned on purchasing.

Needless to say I purchased a 06 Black Jackpot and modified it to my liking.

If I had purchased the HD and modified it to look and upgraded the engine to match the HP and TQ of my bike I would have spent at least 15k more than what I spent on my Victory.

Also Victory doesn't really need the dealer support like HD because for the most part they are bullet proof and very easy to do the services on.
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I'm kinda glad the Harley guy asked,... Diamond had a great reply.

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I road Harleys for the police dept. I work for. I did not like them. I have owned Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. The Victory Cross Country appealed to my visual sense and it rode way better than any Harley or any other bike I'd ever tried. The decision was simple for me. The fact that it is American made made it even easier...
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Originally Posted by openroadjim View Post
I just gotta know why you bought your polaris motorcycle.
Been riding 59 year, in my mid 70s and recently dealt with cancer twice. My body was saying, if you want to continue riding, I need a lower seat height and a lower CG. My brain said, that's a cruiser, I hate 'em so you ain't getting one. Then Victory introduced the Cross bikes with a passenger seat an adult would find comfy, almost 5" of suspension travel, loads of lean angle, huge cases, great ergos, modern engine design and looks like it was designed in the 21st century, not 1948. It's a buy it and ride it bike without having to add thousands of dollars to make it workable. Resale means naught to me as I keep bikes and cars for over 10 years. I have two great and accommodating dealers nearby. What's not to like? Victory has made a convert of this long time cruiser hater. Yes, I have tried the others - no thanks.

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Simple answer, but it takes a lot of words to get it out, so go make yourself a sandwich, take a wizz, then settle in for story time

For me, it's not about "mine is better than yours" and never was. I have had a hard-on for Harley since I can remember, and over this past year, I have test-ridden several in a desperate attempt to get one for myself that "fit" me and my needs.

Let me start off by saying that I'm not a slave to labels. I don't buy anything for status, I buy what I like as long as it fits my needs and I don't care about price as long as I can justify it to myself. There are some seriously awesome Metrics out there from Suzuki (M109R), Yamaha (Star Warrior and Stryker) and others, so today you have more choices than ever before. Quality, reliability and power.

I don't buy into the whole "heritage" BS that Harley owners all fall back on. If I wanted true American Heritage, I'd look no further than Indian, which has more than H-D does. BUT as much as I love the Chief, I don't feel it is worth $32,000.

First Harley I ever rode was the anti-Harley... the V-Rod Muscle. Loved it, almost bought it. Next was a Softail Nightrain. It was sluggish, harsh ride, and felt like I was riding my couch. I decided to go with my Hammer S over the V-Rod for the more useable power band, better handling, and easier riding position.

Last week I took out a Dyna CVO (08 FXDSE) and while visually I believe very few bikes can touch it, it rode like crap. It rattled, shook and felt like it was falling apart. This was a $30,000+ bike when new, $20k on the used sticker. Brakes were downright scary and barely stopped the powerful 110 motor-powered bike. I got off and cursed it. Well... once I found the damn kickstand... which you need to be a detective to find.

Toay, I went to ride a Fat Bob and Road Glide (both 2011's). There were many things I liked about the Road Glide, but for one of the largest bikes on the road I was shocked that it was so cramped for both the rider and passenger. A Ducati Streetfighter has more legroom. Vibration wasn't AS severe, but it was there, and after a few traffic stops, it was annoying. My wife got vibrations even at 70mph cruising, especially in her floorboards. Power was anemic, but the handling was really quite nice for such a large bike. But for a $25k bike, it should feel like a quality bike IMO.

My Hammer S is super smooth, hardly any vibrations, has more power has better brakes (dual disc Brembo) and turns heads because it doesn't look like every other bike on the road. At some point most Harleys blend together as a blur honestly. Harley will bob a fender, paint everything black and VIOLA... a new model!! When it's the same old Dyna we've seen for decades.

The Fat Bob was what I thought would be "the bike" for me. But then I couldn't get over the rear fender. It is the same fender you'll see on a 50 year old Harley. It's the same brakelight that reminds you of a Kaiser VW from WWII. The suspension is overly stiff for a bike that's not made for pure performance, and again... it nearly rattle teeth loose.

I also own a sportbike, so I know about giving up certain degrees of comfort for performance or a particular ride... but on a cruiser like I've been looking at, I should not need to sacrifice comfort.

Right now Triumph and Victory are bringing the heat. Lower prices compared to H-D, comparable models, more power, more 'factory options', and they are getting better by the year. Problem is that Vic has a crappy dealer network. Too few, and too far between. I'm also not a fan of buying a brand new, premium priced motorcycle at a lawnmower shop. Though I did visit Bike Town in Ohio last week.... they sell only bikes, and are dealers for both Harley and Victory. Oddly enough, the service bay was PACKED full of over 30 Harleys and not one single Victory. Simple fact.

Victory has a sterling reputation for overall reliability across all the models over the years. Harleys do not, we know this. Our most common problem? Clutch cables breaking, that's about it for widespread, repetitive issues. H-D has many, many more... and more severe.

So while I still like the Road Glide I rode today, it would take about $2k in mods just to make it rideable for me, and another $4k in mods to be "cool" and tailored to my wants & desires. If I bought a Ness Cross Roads or Crosscountry, it would come the way I want at the same price, and I'd add maybe another $3k-$4k in mods to customize it. And after all that... the Vic would still be smoother, take sweepers harder, have much more torque, and not look like half the other bikes I pass on the highway.

IMO H-D has become the "me too" bike. And I'm not a "me too" kind of guy. I respect H-D, I like a lot of their bikes, and I cannot ignore the draw to them... but ride them back to back, and you'll see why so many Harley owners made the switch to Victory. Even the hardcore like Sonny Barger and now several other Hell's Angels.

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Several reasons:

My wife was tired of riding on the bandaid sized rear seat on my V-Star.
I didn't want to buy a brand new antique.
I am price shopper and wanted to get as much as I could for my money.
I wanted more power.
I wanted more suspension.
I wanted better handling.
I didn't want to be like everybody else.
Victory had the same depreciation as other american made bikes.


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