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Default Bike Engine switch won’t engage fuel pump…

Hi fellow bikers;

I was on a three day trip from Emmaus Pa. -> Niagara NY. -> lake Erie PA -> then back home when 150 miles into the trip which all of it was in rainy conditions my 03 V92C cut off causing me to pull to the side of the road on I81. After some troubleshooting I had to call the trip off and head back home, thanks to a friendly NY State trooper who called AAA for me to expidite my pickup quicker.

Now the two symptoms which I think were related before my bike cut off:
1) I stopped at a rest stop and as I was parking the bike I noticed the bike's speedometer LCD display was indicating FULL for fuel level??? I found it odd since I new it was wrong since I had just ridden about 100 miles by this point, first time for this type of incorrect display and yes it was still raining and I wanted some coffee to warm up a bit. When I got out I did my usual systems check on the bike I shook the tank but the display was the same so I disregarded the Full display, since all else was fine and I was on my way again to get gas in an hour.

2) So now short of an hour later (50 miles later) I decided to fuel up especially since the gauge was still indicating full. Yes it was still raining and after I fueled up I now noticed my low fuel yellow or Amber indicator flashing??? Odd thing now it was doing the opposite I shook the tank and it then stopped, I was glad it turned off for sure and went on my way…

Now I progressed to go back onto I81 when approx. 5 miles later my bike cut off.

Bike cutoff while doing 65mph (right lane) as if it ran out of gas…
When I flip the right hand control run switch ON you cannot hear the fuel pump activate, but you can hear a slight ticking sound by one set of relays.

I swapped the Relays with each other in case one was defective and the problem continues.

I checked all fuses (with the right hand control run switch set to ON) by removing them from the circuit and they are all fine but, I notice that when I reinstall the fuel pump fuse I can hear the fuel pump engage as it normally would when you flip the right hand control run switch ON. But is only heard at this point…

The Speedo displays the correct fuel level and all electrical system other than fuel system seems to be in working order (lights, display, cranking power, etc…).

I down loaded the service manual I expect to start working on this problem tonight by checking the manuals recommendations and possibly remove the tank and check the wiring to the fuel pump.

Any recommendations are welcomed…

2003 V92C Yellow
Custom Tail
33K, Emmaus PA.
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for sure you have water in some place. Clean and add dielectric grease to every thing in you don't have dielectric grease you can use Vaseline it last a long time and repels water
Open switch housing open head light bucket look every place for some water.
Check battery for tight connections even add 1/4" lock washers to each terminal.

2008 Vision
Mpls, MN.

Please add your state and model of bike you have. Click user CP @ top of page and then far left click edit signature. Thanks
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I read a lot where folks jump onto using dielectric grease and quickly recommend it to others and I wonder then, if they really know much about the product or, for that matter, how to use it and when or where?

So ...
Take this as you will, no relation to me and I did find this elsewhere but knowing what I know, thought it worthy of sharing here....

As written by Wayne Orwig, MGNOC Georgia State Rep.

Using Dielectric Grease on connectors.

A lot of people use dielectric grease on connectors. Some people mistakenly believe that dieletric grease is a conductor. In fact, it is just the opposite; it is an insulator. Dielectric grease is typically made of silicone grease.

As an insulator, dielectric grease is good for use on spark plug boots. This was one of the original applications on vehicles when the high-energy ignition systems came out. It can help insulate the connector and, in particular on a motorcycle where it can get wet, it waterproofs the spark plug boot. And, because it is silicone, it is fairly stable at high temperatures and won't affect the rubber and plastics.

So why would you put an insulator on a connector? The idea is that you use a thin layer. When you push the connector together the grease is pushed out of the way enough to get a connection and the surrounding grease then keeps out water and oxygen. The connector will be protected from the environment and less likely to corrode. Plus, the silicone is safe for the plastics and PVC insulation.

That sounds good, so far; so why not smear it on everything? Well there are a number of good reasons.

First, silicone grease outgases constantly. If the silicone gas gets near a connector or a contact, such as a relay, and there is a spark, the spark at the contact can create silicon dioxide. Some people even suggest that the silicone gas from dielectric grease can travel many feet through the unsulation on a wire and damage a contact on the other end. Omron states that even their sealed switches can be damaged by nearby silicone grease outgassing. Reference the following links for more info:

Second, it is an insulator. It can prevent contacts from touching. If you do use it, use a very thin layer.

Third, if you have a corroded connection, silicone grease will not help. In fact, it may make it worse. It can never improve anything. Dielectric grease will never make a poor connection better.

Fourth, it attracts dust and dirt and it hardens over time. This means that if you smear a lot of silicone grease on connectors you may see nearby relays, switches, or points fail later on. Since silicone grease does nothing at all to improve the connection and, in fact, may insulate the contacts in the connector increasing the resistance the connector may still fail.

So what do you do? Look for a contact enhancer/lube. While most contact cleaners are simple solvents that just wash the connector off there are contact enhancers that deoxidize the contact surface and actually work to lower the contact resistance (make a better connection). Most contact enhancers leave a lubricant behind that protects the metal and continue to deoxidize the metal and improve the connection. They can work to lower the resistance and make a better contact as time goes by. The best you can hope for from dielectric grease is that it seals it enough to not get worse. I have used Caig Deoxit on my bikes for a few years now. I first found out about this on my job when I had to correct an issue in a connector system that could not tolerate even 5 thousandths of an ohm of resistance drift. We had a connector in the field that had been improperly plated and was starting to drift, mostly in warm humid areas like Florida. Our testing showed that the Caig Deoxit could be a good long-term fix. We ended up using the Deoxit to stabilize the bad units until we could get corrected wiring harnesses built with the correct connectors. We also put a layer of Deoxit on the new parts to protect and keep them clean over their lifetime. This solved the drift issue that we had.

I still use a small amount of silicone grease on my spark plug caps. It helps to waterproof them and makes it easier to pull the cap off, but I use it in very small amounts and never near a relay or switch.
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I know on my Bike you can only hear the pump just a second or two when i switch on, so i would think that's normal. did you check for spark? It may not be a fuel problem. Just an idea.

Good luck

Cedar Lake Indiana
V92c Standard Cruiser
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Default Problem found and repaired...

The root cause of the problem was revealed when I removed the tank.
It turns out toward the lower half of the tank is a connector which goes to the fuel pump... Well after close inspection I was able to see that all four wires were bare and touching each other. I double checked the fuse box and fuel pump fuse was blown.

After finding and repairing the problem I decided to clean out the throttle body after which I reassembled the bike installed a new fuse and fired her up without a problem…

Thank you all for your replies...

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Good detective work, good result.

This sounds like another one of those "last place a human had his hands, first place trouble happens" glitches.

Cross Country Tour.

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We just keep moving
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Great find. Kinda odd all 4 wires were bare. any idea what caused it.

Cedar Lake Indiana
V92c Standard Cruiser
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