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Since I came from a vulcan 1600 there is NO WAY my XCT couldn't kick the living crap out of that Kawasaki. I just came back from a long vacation in Colorado at a Vulcan convention and nobody wanted a piece of the Big Vic.

Today I left a harley dealer in Costa Mesa and some idiot on a 103 ultra dove underneath me almost hitting me to get on the 5 northbound. I came out of the sharp right turn upset because he didn't miss me by much. Of course he had long shots on and jumped on it. I had 3K rpms in hand and hammered it because little traffic was coming. He was on it too because his bike got super loud. I passed him before shifting one gear and by the time I got to the carpool lane i had 50 yards on him and was quite of bit over 100.

1500-1600 stock Vulcan no way no chance no how. You might have got dusted by a VN2000...

2013 Victory XCT. Lakewood, CA

Russell Day Long Saddle.
7Jurock 14" tinted flip shield
Unplugged O2 sensors.
Stage one filter.
14" replacement ant.
Drag Specialties highway pegs.
Custom Pin-striping.
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