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So a few weeks ago my wife tells me too book a 4 day for my birthday. Since I know she doesn't like riding on the back for long trips I assume it's in the car. Then she tells me to prep the bike for a good weekend and dropped the map of the Cabot trail on my lap. All i was allowed to know was I was doing the trail and nothing else. Well what a trip this girl planned for me.

She got a head start with the dog in the car each day allowing me to take my time down roads like this;

I would arrive at places like this to a Lobster and Crab dinner cooked for me and a warm bed to sleep in;

Each of my four days were filled with views like this;

and roads like these;

All the while meeting guys like this guy. He left South Africa on his Beemer in 2010 and hasn't been home since. Saw with my own eyes 200,000km on the bike. In 3 years. 101 countries, ever continent except antartica. Man he had some stories. ( i believe).

And eating in places like this bike friendly joint. Coastal restaurant had cheery staff and good food. They also sport a T-shirt you can only purchase if you are a biker who has rode the trail. It can only be found at that one location and can't be bought online, only in person, with your bike.

Cape Breton island is the nicest place I have ever rode a motorcycle. What a great trip. I HIGHLY recommend you find the time to explore Canada's east coast. There are a ton of places with gorgeous views and good prices to crash. AND SO MUCH TO EXPLORE. Roads were very well maintained. We took 3 days to do the 1400km trip. But the trail itself was olnly about 600 or 700 km of that. I recommend taking your time and spending at least one full day going off the main road. So much to see.

Anyway, this post is getting long as it is. Stay safe, but have fun!

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