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Originally Posted by leighhannah View Post
your bike is kickass and i dont want to upset you, but you should be getting at least 10 more HP with that set up. we do performance upgrades at Coastal Victory/ all the time. we use almost the same setup with the exception of no idle air valve & our own exhaust which is basically a debaffled stock muffler with a 3" hole at the back. Kmc has dynoed our setup dozens of times and regularly gets 115 to 120 hp and 120+ on torque. My 2008 Vision custom has a PCIII and im getting 123 HP and 121 torque in 4th gear at 3500rpm.

I thought my numbers were low... the dyno sheet says it was 71% humidity. Do you think that had something to do with the low readings? Should I demand another dyno?
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