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Originally Posted by bcflyguy View Post
Looking for a tour company that runs tours on a motorcycle and arranges all accommodations as well as food in Europe. Has anyone done that? Looking for a tour specifically that provided 2 up bikes.
I've done one with these guys.

It's great as they pack a truck with the luggage so you don't have all that extra weight. They plan most of the stops/meals though there are usually a couple of stops where you spend a day on your own and are responsible for your own sustenance those days. On our trip there were a lot of people and they broke the group into those who wanted more leisurely riding and those who had more sporting aspirations. Sometimes people experienced with the area just go off and do their own thing. As long as you make it to dinner on time you're golden. If not, you pay for your own grub that night.

They schedule a shuttle to pick you up at the airport and bring you to their motel hub. Sometimes it doesn't work out though. Our airline cancelled a flight and when we got there the shuttle wasn't. It's great fun trying to explain to German speaking cab drivers where you need to go when you don't know yourself!
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