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Originally Posted by bcdad View Post
What are the advantages/disadvantages of having a bluetooth mounted to the helmet? I do get the phone answering without having to pull over, but what else does it do for me? I really don't want to spend that kind of money just to answer a phone call.
I am not a technical type so I am asking for advice and help.

thanks in advance.
Non-Victory question about the generic BlueTooth (BT) Helmets available out there, right? If so, then it's not just the phone but also ANY BT-enabled device. That means that you can have a BT-enabled GPS that can tell you "turn right in 500 feet" in your helmet. You should also be able to listen to music from a separate device (say an IPod) and then also have a 3rd device (Samsung phone with BT capability) and all three "should" work seemlessly together but that's not always the case (because it's tech, right?)

If there was a way to link the on-board Victory systems (like control of radio, odometer,etc) to a BT Helmet, you may have more functions because BT works BOTH ways. Many BT devices have voice recognition so in theory you could have a single BT-enabled iPhone S (with Siri) with GPS and Pandora on it. You could then say "Find nightclubs" and it would provide you turn-by-turn directions to whichever nightclub you VERBALLY selected...

One caution - Not all BT helmets are the same. Some are VERY poor and some can't connect to certain devices so as with anything else, you often get what you pay for. A $150 BT helmet may not be of much use but a formal $250 BT system from Carda or others may do EVERYTHING you need but you have to pay for that BT system and then also buy a helmet.

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