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Originally Posted by half_crazy View Post
Went for a little ride with Squatch today (588 miles according to google maps). Somewhere in the vicinity of Dunmore, WV I see something black move toward the road. My first thought? Someone's big witch or other Halloween decoration blowing in the wind, but we come over the rise and IT'S A COW standing in my lane. That was a first for me...

Outside that it was GLORIOUS! We hit some of the best roads in 3 states and a couple I haven't been on before. Dodged the rain all the way home and only got rained on for 10 minutes or so... until I was almost home... then the sky opened up and it rained like a bitch just enough to get my legs wet so I could freeze the rest of the way home. Did not even put a dent in my being stoked! It's going to take hours to decompress from today... it was that good.
Out west, they have a lot of free range where the livestock can move about freely. I had one surprise me being near the road out in Cali. Had the wife get off and take her pic. I was hoping she'd get it's proximity to the road, but she got me as I went down the road to turn around so you get a general feel for the area.



I don't expect that kinda thing in the east, but returning home from an event over near the WV border I came around a corner to find a truck stopped in my lane and a cow blocking the other. Not a good feeling. The Vics brakes work well when incentivized.

Finally, one fall while riding in Austria we encountered a herd of these:

cow hat1.jpg

Seeing this for this first time will test your riding skillz. Watching men dressed in lederhosen running around after them was enough to make even the most hateful break a smile. Apparently, it's a yearly ritual there before the winter when the herd the cows of the mountains.
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