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Default D&D and S&S ????

Need some help. I have 2008 Vegas Low closed loop fuel system.
Want some more exhaust sound and some performance gains. I will not be doing any internal motor work. Do not want to add fuel controller.

I sugessted D&D slip ons and S&S intake with S&S map.

First dealer said I should go Victory stage one all the way. He says it will give me better low and mid range power?

Second dealer says I won't get much of a gain for $1000 with the stage one. He says that D&D and S&S is the way to go. Also if I go D&D should I go with stage one download or get the S&S with map.
Possibly Vic 2 into 1 but not mt first choice.
Anyone running D&D and S&S? What do you think.
Goal good sounding good running bike. Thanks for your help.

2008 Vegas Low- S&S Intake & Download, D&D Slip-Ons, O2's Unplugged, Victory HIDS Hi & Low
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