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Default What did you do to your Cross Bike today?

I also frequent a Wrangler TJ forum - there is a thread similar to this there and it has 1,000s of responses. You can get ideas and learn from what others are doing with their toys - so, lets see if it works here...

I'll start.
I installed the 1/4 turn throttle from Lloyds. I did not find it as easy to put in as some others...getting the nut and lock nuts loose was easy. But when I took the throttle assembly apart there was a bottom piece not discussed in the video and another screw under the bottom plate that needs to come out. Also if you do this mod - cut off all the zip ties on the cables/wires so you can get enough slack to get the throttle handle off the bars. Getting the cable stops in their holes was an interesting process - it was awesome when i did, but it took 10 minutes of fiddling. All told it took about 35 minutes for me to get the whole thing done including re-zip tying - I could do it alot faster now that I learned the process.

How do i like it? ALOT!
There is no slop in my throttle now nice and tight from turn to end of turn - the best part is it got rid of my "driveline slop" I thought that maybe my belt was loose or something when I release the throttle and re-engage the throttle there is no lurch at all. Like when going down a hill and the engine breaking stops and pushes the bike forward it is tight and smooth as is using the throttle in low speed maneuvers - the mod was worth it just for this improvement!
I also like how the throttle feels alot more than stock - it is a little more that half as far a twist from idle to full throttle - does not feel twitchy or sensitive - just right.
i highly recommend this mod!!
A heads up the part costs $19.99 - Witchdoctor wanted $21 to ship this little thing out
Lloyds was $12 for shipping - still high for a 1 oz part that would ship USPS for $3...but that's the way it is - still worth it

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