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Originally Posted by Pop View Post
I'm typing in a Subway sandwich shop in Newcastle, WY about 300 miles from where I started and about 400 to get through to get where I am bound. I just saw 50 degrees finally on the gauge so maybe I'll shut off the hand warmers. I hope I don't hit any more snow or rain.

Been there - hate rain, LOATH snow. I had to go over a mountain pass to get home (Lake Tahoe/Echo Summit). It started snowing and hailing hard - I had to ride in the tracks of the Ford 150 right in front of me (this was late May). talk about white knuckle riding - when we got out of the snow and back to rain at a lower elevation - I liked rain for a short time...
Good luck Pop and take your time - even consider a hotel if it gets bad -

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Enjoy the miles....we only get so many!
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