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Originally Posted by martin1 View Post
Greetings. I am serious about buying a 2013 Judge and there are two available in my area. First off I am in my mid 60's and comfort is a huge issue for me. The bars are a bit of a reach and I am wondering about the comfort of them an hour or so into a ride. Would like to know if you like the stock bars and if not what did you change them with? Also, how is the stock seat. The problem with test rides is almost anything is comfortable for a half hour. So seeking your input. Thanks.
I did a 600 mile weekend ride on a 13 Judge (in OZ you get a bike for 2 days, unlimited miles and $200 to stay in a Best Western hotel)
Riders seat I found okay but not as good as my Vegas and my pillion passenger had bruises on her arse from the back seat (Theres some lousy roads here tho)
Bars could do with pullbacks a few inches, a set of Vegas bars would do the trick also Vegas pegs are a couple inches further forward.
Those points have been addressed on the 14 Judge so I hear.
Or you could get a tuff set of Burleigh Bars like mine in black powdercoated 304 stainless, check my pix.
So pullbacks, forward pegs, and the seat is fine, get it breathing right as well and you'll be laughing

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