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  • half_crazy ·
    8BallHammer: I imagine you are looking at this forum on your phone, so you can't see signatures.

    The bike is 110 cubic inches, balanced S&S stroker crank/rods, Lloydz iron liner big bore, 11:1 Wiseco pistons, massaged stock heads, stock throttle bodies/injectors/intakes, S&S .495 cams/springs/retainers, Torque Tubes airbox, RPW Thor pipe, Lloydz ECU, PC-III, Lloydz timing wheel at -2, Rivera Pro clutch spring, 31 tooth pulley w/Buell belt.

    8BallHammer ·
    Thanks mate, feelin better every day. I see the specialist tomorrow AM for my arm, hopefully no surgery is needed but we will see. I have a totally different riding planned if I can get them to total my ride. I'll let you know if it works out.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts, and concerns.
    LILMAGS500 ·
    8Ball , I just read your post about you being injured... I hope you are ok and all works out with your bike....If you don't mind, keep me informed. Good luck, feel better.
    8BallHammer ·
    Sounds good, we will be in FL 9/16-9/23.
    Other than that we're up for it.
    It's always good when business is busy
    Take care,
    Azdave ·
    In Chicago now. Hope all gets better with trial. I am swamped business wise. Planning a long trip in Sept so if I am out your way I will let you know. My buddy wants to ride out to South Bend so maybe we could meet up for a ride
    8BallHammer ·
    Thanks, we appreciate the kind thoughts, and the fact that you sent this message months later, proof that you are a thoughtful guy
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