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  • SubDude ·
    Any chance we can get a victory motorcycle picture on the victory forum login page? Maybe ignition, combustion? Thanks.
    doobliss ·
    Hello there!
    As the title states, I have a signature issue. I have more than met the posts requirements and I am also a lifetime premium member. For some reason (which I can not figure out) I am unable to have my signature show up on a post. My coding box looks like this:

    Allow Basic BB Code Yes

    Allow Color BB Code Yes

    Allow Size BB Code Yes

    Allow Font BB Code Yes

    Allow Alignment BB Code Yes

    Allow List BB Code Yes

    Allow Link BB Code Yes

    Allow HTML No

    Allow Image BB Code No

    Allow Code BB Code Yes

    Allow PHP BB Code Yes

    Allow HTML BB Code Yes

    Allow Quote BB Code Yes

    Allow Smilies Yes

    Can Upload Images for Signature Yes

    Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature No

    What am I doing wrong here? My signature is saved, but doesn't show up... please help!
    topshelf ·
    Hello, I did not want my subscription renewed but 15 US was debited for my paypal account. Please refund my money and cancel the subcription. Thanks,

    Greg Hall
    kingpin2007 ·
    I paid over a week ago to renew my membership though pay pal paid for life time membership but still shows me as a premium member ?
    Rocksalt ·
    I want to Volunteer my time to being a NEWS Admin and constantly keep the front page updated as well as generate some member competition with bike of the month gallery/awards.

    Please PM me.
    bigdaddyrooster ·
    To whom it may concern,
    I have paid for a year premium subscription but do not know how to upgrade my account. Please point me in the right direction, copied below is my receipt from paypal.
    Date of sign up: Nov 3, 2013
    Subscription Name: Premium Membership Subscription
    Subscription Number: S-76Y55015MU172935G
    Item Number: 8e3321756d0a8cfe4a1d24eb046fca18
    Subscription Terms: $15.00 USD for each year
    knucklehead ·
    I seem to be having trouble posting comments to existing threads and creating my own. What's the problem????? I paid my 15 bucks via paypal!
    BikerKapa ·
    Why can't I find where to post a new thread? I have in the past? Have I lost that privilege? thanks. Tom Feuquay (bikerkapa)
    schlep ·
    dear administrator i would like to change my username, when i sigh up did not know the name i put in would be my username, thats because i realy have no clue what it is i am doing but am having a lot of fun leaning, hope you can help matt
    Dute58 ·
    Would like to know how to edit my posting of parts for sale in the classified section; did it once before but can't recall how I did it and am unable to figure it out via the FAQ section. Please advise at your convenience.
    ganarask ·
    Sorry to be a pain, but when I went to sell a bike in classified and use the ebay link, I used the wrong sign in for ebay. We are snow birds and I used my Canadian log in instead of the the US one. The bike is US registered and will remain for sale in the US. I got an error when I tried to list it, that I needed the cross border something - which I don't need if I'd remembered to use the right log in. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. If it can't be fixed I will just do two listing one in the forum and one on ebay, but better deal through the Victory website.
    Speedblue ·
    What is up with the post of "Best in Cc" it looks like somebody posting possible credit card info or credit info. I am actually afraid to click on it again. Hopefully I did not get a virus and nobody my credit info. Hopefully you can check it out soon and clean it up if it is not on the up and up. Sorry if I am paranoid but I have had problems with computer info being tapped into before. Thanks.
    gobeaves ·
    got your pm about the avatar...I am not too swift on the computer , can't find the brouse button. So how about a complete instruction on how to put an avatar on your profile ? Thanks for the help i advance.
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