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  • Atbyrne ·
    send me an email address and i will shoot you some pictures. The Atlanta Custom Baggers is a good one, but designed for a razor pac. I pretty much leave mine on all of the time now. The wife likes it better than the backrest.
    ass_coach ·
    I have bought from Vicbaggers before but didn't see a mount other than the permanent Magnum mount. I was hoping to keep mine removable since I have an OEM backrest that would be on the bike as much as the tour pack. It looks like Atlanta custom baggers have a removable mount...I am interested in the lines of the bike with the HD box. I want to make sure it is visibly pleasing to me. Thanks
    ass_coach ·
    I was looking through an old thread you posted with pictures of your bike with an HD tour pack. Since Photobucket is being a PITA would it be possible to see pics of your setup? Since Polaris has discontinued the stock trunk I have to do something different for my 2010 XC.

    Atbyrne ·
    I added a complete back end and exhaust off of a TC to make it all work. It was a lot of work, but worth it.
    jdstang ·
    Nice job on the project. I have the same bike. (99). Been trying to find exaust for. Have drag pipes on it but wanted the exaust on both sides. Did you have to change the head pipes also to fit the TC exaust?
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