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  • EyesOfJade ·
    I know..I did get my victory.. just broke the 500 mile break in. she's a beauty...named seduction of course :):):):) She goes in on the 7th for the remainder of her accessories.. Black powder coated saddle bag rails, easy clutch, she is all black and black chrome.. am searching for heat deflectors for the saddle..
    8BallHammer ·
    Today at a hearing the defense attorney had the audacity to want to subpeona my son's last year of medical records.
    What, subpeona every doctor in the nation?
    Then the Judge and prosecutor asked for his grounds, and told him that medical records are confidential, and privileged.
    He actually had the nerve to say in front of us that the privilege of a couple that we are trying to send to prison for a few years TRUMPS the privilege of a DECEASED person.
    I displayed a lot of restraint and was able to go back to work instead of being put into a cell with this POS.

    By the way how is business, and how the heck are ya???coming back to the area soon?
    Get ahold of us Dave.

    Tony, and Vikki
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