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  • cmfranks ·
    I think i asked you this already (over a year ago) but where did you find that rear fender on your highball???? I've looked everywhere and can not find one like that
    fattymatty ·
    Hi mate, my name is Matt and i'm new to this forum and just wanted to contact you.
    I've looked at a lot of posts on here and I'm getting confused with what I have seen.
    I just wanted to pick your brain in relation to a thread titled DFW's High Ball Build.
    During that thread you posted an image of your high ball with a rear fender supplied by Oldy's Custom Composites.
    The main question i have is if you needed to chop the rear fender struts to get this fender on?
    I'd like to change the rear fender, but dont want to do anything until i'm completely sure of what i'm doing. Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.
    so-crates ·
    Hey bro. Saw your pics and Ive got to know - where did you get the faux velocity stacks?? Looks great!! Im interested in finding them!
    tbender5 ·
    hey i loved the seat you had on your JP any chance you can tell me what was done to it to make it look that way and did it make it uncomfortable or change it in any negative way?
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