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  • Chapter51 ·
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the HID setup that I purchased from you many miles ago. Sorry to see that you are no longer selling them, but I understand the message behind the website post and hope all is well. Let me know if you are open to dm's regarding lighting in the future. If not, I totally understand!
    dh1125cr ·
    Hi, I hope you can help me. I bought hi and low beam from you 49,000 some miles ago and the low will go out when I hit the starter so I shut it off and try again till it stays on, also it doesn't seem as bright. Do you know what would cause this and how do I fix it?
    OkieHoss ·
    Hello CR do you still sale the HID light kits if so I need two complete kits for my XCT. Mine is getting to where it wone come on sometimes it takes a bit. dont want to get caught without lamps. The ones I got last are perfect.

    918 344 1085.
    [email protected]
    acwjr11 ·
    CrossRoads, I need tires on my 2011 Cross Roads and would like to put Metzler ME 888's on. The rears are 180/65/16 not 180/60/16. The front is Is 130/70/18 not 130/60/18 is the hight differance going to be a problem? Thanks for your help, Al
    visionjohnny ·
    I keep having a problem with loading on this web site. No problems on any other site.
    If I click on a post and weather I answer it or not going back to new posts never loads.
    Am using my owen computer and MSN.
    What do you think might be the problem.
    Thank you
    fishslapr ·
    hey buddy, wanted to extend an invite for a Saturday ride- ending up in Santa Monica for a police K-9 demo event. Don't yet know the ride route, except that it'll be fun!
    Daybreak ·
    I figured I would just message you... Hope that's cool! 2 questions for ya...

    You have the "wrapped louvered baffle" in your d&d pipes, correct? What the difference in the "unwrapped baffle"??

    I am going to order the hi-lo HID this week for my '13 CCT. Anything I need to know? Will they interfere at all with an aftermarket amp for speakers?

    Thanks for any help. Much appreciated!!

    8BallHammer ·
    I finally placed my order tonight( Dale Wetzel Niles,MI). For weeks I wanted white, but decided on blue after seeing a truck this evening , and feel that they might make me more noticeable to the idiot cagers. Thanks, you are doing a great service to us Vic riders. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year
    8BallHammer ·
    I finally placed my order tonight(Dale Wetzel Niles,MI) for weeks I wanted white light . But I saw a truck tonight and chose blue, thinking it will stand out more, and idiots will notice me sooner. Thanks, you are providing a great service
    Nodnarb ·
    Question - I have the Victory upgraded HID headlight. Which only offers HID for the high beam. Could I use the HID you offer for the low beam in combination with the Victory parts?
    slickvic ·
    Hey C.R, Just checking to see how the bike is running with the Tuner and the LLoyds filter. Are you still O2 disconnected? Mine is running stronger than ever.
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