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  • oldfradioguy ·
    i just bought an 2012 vegas 8 ball 2 months ago i just had stage one pipes put on
    it the fact is i rode harleys for years and years this is one heck of a motorcycle i just
    wanted to make a kind of a statement to someone the salesman at the dealership just
    didn't have any passion for the make he just wanted to sell the bike . sad anyway the service dept and mechanic are good it just seems the sales force of some of these places should be more passionate about what the sell but i guess as the saying goes two out of three ain't bad
    Hey Diamond, I am looking at pulling the stock mufflers off of my 05 vegas and just running the pipes. Is there any downfall to doing this besides some loss in HP or TQ? Eventually im going to be getting the conquest custom octanes but i talked to scott and he said they wont be making em until summer.
    spikemeyesyes ·
    i have 2010 jackpot and want to know if headlight assembly 2411133 will fit, reason i ask is i was given a different part number 2411699
    diamondrmp ·
    Kevin or Rylan could give you a better diagnosis but I would check the battery connections then fuel pressure. There is a thread the gives you the specs on pressure. Other than that you need the pros advice
    swissking ·
    hey Diamond, whats up bro,
    I'm having trouble with my 07 victory vegas, It keeps sputtering while i'm in a 1-2-3 gear. what do u think is the problem?
    johngean ·
    Diamond, I want to replace the stock oil lines on my Vic Veg 06 with the steel braided look; similar to what you have...can you tell me where you got em or how to do?
    diamondrmp ·
    No there is no list but I think that is a good idea that I will look into. I found out that I'm allergic to melon!! Man that sucks. Went to a party the other night and had a small wedge of watermelon and my throat started getting itchy. Luckily Angel had some Benedryl. I love melon too. :(
    visionjohnny ·
    Is there a listing of what vendors give us a discount if we order prats from them.
    Hope your back in good health.
    goon ·
    Hi Diamond did you have any problems with your digital speedo fit,mine went in a piece of cake and the connectors all fitted up nicely with the colour coding to check out also,but I cant get the indicator repeaters to work and the bike is low on fuel (done 165 miles) and no warning as yet,its a great piece of kit and I'd rather not get rid of it,was wondering how you fared with it?
    I recently bought a 2005 vegas, I am looking to get some parts powder coated but i am not sure if i can or not....First I am wondering if the swingarm is able to be powder coated and also the front forks. I am new to the cruiser world this is my first bike but you seem to be the most knowledgeable on these bikes. Thnak you for all your help.
    diamondrmp ·
    You have to cut the box out. Its the only way. Its easier to use a soldiering iron to melt the box while cutting it out at the same time.
    jbb01 ·
    Do you have any tips or ideas on an easy way to remove the fac airbox. I'm installing a lloyds intake. Thanks
    wildpew ·
    we can't make 2LZ & Pocket's party next month but will hook up maybe later this year.
    ride hard and have a good one.
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