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  • smoothfront ·
    Hello, what do you charge to revamp the stock mufflers on a 15' cc? Appreciate your time. I'm looking into my options as far as upgrading my pipes. As far as the new upgrade what is it that you do as opposed to the thrush mod, etc. does your mod add any hp, or is it mainly for sound, also would you have the pcv remaps for your exhaust if I have you do this. Hope all is well,
    Xcvictory ·
    I believe I have the same setup..D&D slip-on's, Lloydz high end filter, PC5 and timing wheel set at 5. If I may ask, what map are you using. Thx, Larry.
    dtmmil ·
    Hi, I thought I sent it the other day, I will check again, maybe I didn't have the addy correct. Sorry, that sucks about the troubles! I hate it when that stuff happens!!
    DMacHammer ·
    Hi I was wondering if you sent that picture of your map putting a lot of parts on this weekend still have to put the PCV with auto tune on The shop I purchased from sent the AT 200 instead of the AT 300 in transit now will get to it Wednesday before my trip Thank for your help. Going to raise my bike to 1.5" after reading the Lowering post from yesterday Thanks agin.
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