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  • Diamond Jim ·
    Hey, Joe. Just saw this. I'm guessing her helmet is getting rattled. Is there anything she does that improves or worsens it, like tucking her head down, leaning forward and close to you, arms holding your side vs crossed in her lap, etc.?

    Maybe try this to get a baseline then redo after any changes. Get several pieces of ribbon or streamers and stick them on the sides and top of YOUR helmet as well as your shoulders. With her on the back, she can look for streamer behavior that might be valuable. Maybe use her hands to block certain streamers and see if those locations bring some relief.
    Bhunt19 ·
    Howdy Joe, Absolutely LOVE the new site! It was well worth the wait. Almost too many to choose from! It's a minor issue but thought you might want to know about it sooner rather than later. I noticed when playing in the Deco design for CCT customization, if you select Sham for the twin stripes, the stripe colors do not change on the side cover. If you select any other color, they will change to that color, just can't see the Sham color. Again, only on the side cover, all other locations change just fine.
    On another note, if budget restraints come into play, i'm assuming it's possible to just order a couple of wraps at a time. ie, order fairing and saddlebags one time, come back a month or two later and order the fender and side cover wraps? It seems as if this is very doable, based on the order selection that's built in. Looks like lots of great thought went into the site! Damn fine job! Hoping to make an order soon!

    id-man ·
    Cool RicZ, it is not aligned perfectly yet and I'm not sure I saw your post telling how you did it - got a link?
    RICZ ·
    Check to see if the cable coming out of the sheath is in alignment in other words is it coming out straight. If not go back to a post I did telling what I did to align it.
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